Thursday, July 10, 2008


So, you don’t really need to know the details of where I went or what I was doing but I will tell you this. I made:

2 large lasagne with sausage
1 large pan brownies
2 pans of chicken stew topped with biscuits
2 pans of chicken and stuffing with gravy
2 pans of pasta with meatsauce and cheese
1 dozen cupcakes
1 dozen biscuits
1 dozen raisin scones
1 large roll of sugar cookie dough
16 deviled eggs
2 dozen deviled clams
2.5 large containers clam/vegetable soup

...and I am thinking there was more, but I don’t honestly remember. It was all a blur. I cooked a lot, I cleaned a bit, I slept amazingly well. And there was no internets. None. It’s a little like visiting the Flintstones. But you know, it’s do-able.

And now it’s back to this reality and there’s a lot of printing and cutting and folding and drawing and…what else? Ironing…bake and shrinking…framing…cleaning. All that stuff. This week there is the Handmade Brigade (if you are there, stop by and say HI! I’ll be the tired one.) In less than two weeks there is the comic-con. And if you are THERE please bring me a coffee (soy milk, little bit of sugar) because I will be the really tired one.


Felicia said...

Why is it that I always end up on your blog when I'm hungry, and it happens to be about food! lol

Vanessa said...

Wow, tired one indeed! Who were you cooking for? An army?

donovan's mamma said...

mmmmmmmmm yummy foooooooooooood

Jodi said...

If you weren't already the favorite, I think you will be now for sure!!!

Jeraluna said...

Thanks Ren, I am glad you like the the necklaces. I gave my sister the geek and nerd button and she loved them :)