Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I prefer:

Waffles to pancakes.
Cake to pie.
Comedy to drama.
Mystery to romance.
French fried to mashed.
Iced tea to iced coffee.
65 to 85.
Reggae to rap.
70’s rock to 90’s rock.
Indie to super hero.
Batman to Superman.
Mac to PC.
Compact to SUV.
Dimes to nickels.
Black to blue.
Chocolate to vanilla (except when used as icing).
Paperback to hardback.
(Mass market to trade).
Email to phone calls.
Bo to Luke.
Cats to lizards.
Soy milk to cow’s milk.
Blueberries to blackberries.
Left to right.
Ballpoint to felt tip, no matter how much I think I don’t.
Warm to cold.
Firm to soft.
Outcasts to underdogs.
CD to mp3.
Satchel to handbag.
Barefoot to shod.
Rain to snow.
Orange-flavored to oranges.
Victorian to Mid Century.
Digital to analog.
Aisle to window.
Cast iron to Teflon.
Plastic to glass.
Raised to cake.
Dark to milk.
The 9th to the 10th.


Sarah said...

Love the list. Agree with many.

Janet said...

agree with some; these are the ones where we differ ;-)

iced coffee.
rap. (old school only)
Bo to Luke. (no preference here, dislike 'em both equally LOL)
The 9th to the 10th. (again, no preference)

Cute idea!

Anonymous said...

hmmm. i will study this in depth in preparation for our first face to face meeting...

Vanessa said...

I agree with so many of these; mac to pc, compact to SUV, email to phone calls, soy milk to cow's milk.