Friday, August 28, 2009


First, I want you to see this:

I'm pretty sure that "smoke" is not weather, unless you are in California.

Secondly, today I have read bits of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, a Jim Butcher novel, a vegan cookbook and I am about to take a look at an Ian Rankin graphic novel. Tonight I will continue reading my werewolf book. I am trying to work on the books I so I can justify the Kindle I want. But then, I just read an article that says that the average Kindle user keeps their device for two years. TWO YEARS? I've have books that are older than my mother. I have books from the 1800s. And i realize that the point of a Kindle is basically to have those sorts of books that you read once and then let sit around until you remember to pass them on or take them to the used book store or donate, in a less physical form or something but...two years?

Anyway. Hot. Smoky. Books. That's pretty much the sum of things at the moment.


Janet said...

Smoke, eh? That's some temp changes, tho!

Jodi said...

Damn. I can't finish one do you read so many at once.

And, it's been getting over 99. I don't know why they keep putting that on the forecasts. This is the ONLY time of year that I wish for a good rainstorm. Otherwise, I'm content with out "weather." Fire Season sucks, especially with so many people and homes in jeopardy. Especially when some of those people are good friends. I also sort of wish I prayed right now.

I don't picture you as a Kindle person, but what do I know? I see you more as someone who loves the visceral experience of holding, feeling, and smelling a book. Again, what do I know though?

Anonymous said...

i don't see anything about cupcakes in there. no time for cupcakes?