Monday, December 04, 2006


These are some cd covers from previous years Christmas compilations. I started making them so I could listen to exactly the songs I wanted to and not have to skip over the stuff that annoyed me but it has since become kind of a challenge to make a mix that other people will enjoy too. The music leans heavily towards the type of Christmas song you are unlikely to sing in church. Or, at the very least, a style you are unlikely to sing in church.

Last year there were two separate cds. The “Peace on Earth” version of happy, pretty songs. And the “Bah Humbug” version of not so happy, not so pretty songs.

This year’s mix need only be burned now. But who knows when I will actually get to that?


Anonymous said...

I like all those covers. I'd like to see a list of some of the songs you have on there.

Anonymous said...

Please turn these covers in to Christmas cards that I can buy next year...