Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The stars at night, are...obscured by thunderclouds actually.

An awfully big adventure or an awfully big mistake? Not sure yet. Held up due to snow in Flagstaff, hustled out and south the next morning, 250 miles out of the way just to see if we still wanted to do this. Decided we did but now Texas seems really big. And wet.

So far: snow? Check. Freezing rain? Check. Crappy misty drizzle? Check. Creepy motels? Check. Cold weather? Check. But also, seeing new things? Yep. Saw Juarez, Mexico. Man is that a crazy place. Seeing Texas for the first time ever. Yep. Pretty interesting.

Would I do this again? Hmmm…ask me tomorrow. Last night we stayed in a paper-walled motel next to a guy who liked late night television. We were pretty worried about being stuck in the snow and some of us ate too much at dinner and weren’t feeling all that well.

At the moment I am just futzing with a crappy wifi connection and wondering why I am not asleep yet. Tomorrow we will get up early and see just how far we can get. I am hoping to get the rest of the way through Texas and well on our way to our first “real” stop, Huntsville, AL. A girl can dream, cant’ she?


Anonymous said...

I've never driven across Texas, but I've heard it really sucks to drive several days in a straight line and still be in the same state.

Hope to see you on your Huntsville stop...

steph said...

i hated driving thru texas. keith hates texas. ick texas. wow a joyful wonderful surprise to check your blog and seeing a post (or 2). i didn't expect to see a new post since i knew you were traveling, but i was missing you, i check your blog at least every day and there you were. or here you are. or something. i don't know. hooray for you.
d's mamma

Jodi said...

Texas is really big and flat and boring. Just awful.* Horrendous. I lived there, so I can say that.

*Except for Austin. It's actually a pretty cool city that I would love to visit again.