Thursday, January 03, 2008


I am sniffly. I have a pathetic cold. Of course I do, I traveled on a plane with my husband for many hours. He has a cold too, only his is more sniffly and pathetic than mine. Of course it is.

Christmas was nice, traveling was ok, Weather was there, but snow wasn’t. Gifts were exchanged and merry was made and all was well. Returning took longer than expected but was not unreasonably long. And then the colds set in and New Year’s eve involved NyQuil, the cocktail of choice among my party set and (FINALLY) watching the two hour season finale of…Burn Notice. You know, that show that ended like twenty years ago? Well, many months ago, anyway. And now I am eagerly awaiting its return because if there is anything better than Jeffrey Donovan being a smartass, it’s Bruce Campbell and Jeffery Donovan being smartasses together.

There are no resolutions available for comment but there has been the purchase of a datebook, which figures into at least one, if not two resolutions. And there has been a massive grocery shopping trip which involved many fruits and vegetables being purchased. There are books stacked up to be read and cookbooks awaiting little flags to signify interest in various recipes, many involving new and exciting vegetables. The dust, however, still sits thick on every available surface, the pre-holiday laundry is yet to be put away, a suitcase is still in the middle of the living room and the trees (plural…did I mention that the cat got her own?) disgust me and I want them gone (they are fake, not shedding needles on the desperately-in-need-of-a-vacuuming carpet).

Obviously none of my resolutions involve cleaning.

Oh, I will be back shortly, when I sneeze less. And I will provide a recipe, as requested, for the Guinness Truffles, just in time for…I don’t know, Valentine’s Day maybe? And I will tell you all about my presents because I know how much you care, and…and…ah, whatever. I gotta go blow my nose.


Jodi said...

I kept telling Audrey to get to some cleaning already while you were gone, but she just hissed, bared her teeth, and told me to eff off!

steph said...

i want to hear about your presents. did you get any from me?