Wednesday, March 19, 2008


From my husband:

Ha! Cupcake liner is 3.5 and the cupcakes have a puffy domed top. The
lemon cupcakes are 3.25 without said puffy top... so let's say a
cupcake is 3.75 and a souffle cup cupcake is 3.25 before ripping it
out of the paper and having part of it rip away. So the lemon cupcakes
were 3.0 oz... Mini-cupcakes!!! Ha!

To further this you should make more.

Love, James

From me:

mini cupcakes are 1oz and there is no way that .25 oz. ripped away with the paper. also, not all cupcakes have a domed top. these lemon cakes won't no matter what because they can't support it. the dome is not due to the liner but rather the structure of the cake.

so shut up mr. science unbeliever.

and no more cupcakes for you. you've had enough.

And he just can’t stop himself:

Science says people didn't ride dinosaurs and I've seen proof to the
contrary! Fred Flinstone! Ha!

- hubby

But then last night we had friends over for dinner. I told them the story, with much shouting of SCIENCE! And then we got out the cupcake liners and soufflĂ© cups again. Turns out, the cupcake liners fit into the soufflĂ© cups…with considerable room to spare. So even taking the fact that cupcake liners are more flexible and that their “stretch” is limited by the cupcake pan itself, there is clear evidence that SCIENCE is right…yet again.

I will be making more lemon cupcakes this weekend. None of them will be for my husband. That’s what you get when you fuck with science.


Vanessa said...

I think you should make a batch in each, then use a food scale to measure by weight, then (hopefully) it will be indisputable.

Jodi said...

I'm supposed to come by to borrow a cd from James. Should I just slap him while I'm there?

city said...

he missed the important rule - don't piss off the cupcake baker! Its guaranteed to jeopardize getting future cupcakes from you :-)