Monday, March 31, 2008



Yeah, I’ve been all over the place around here. We’ve had guests, Easter, more guests, cupcakes…you name it. OH! And by the way, there is also now photographic evidence that my husband does not know the definition of the word “mini” but…I can’t find my camera cable, so you’ll just have to take my word on it until then.

Let’s see, Easter was nice. Quiet. Just the two of us and way too much food. And probably the straw that broke this camel’s back. I made a nice dinner but somehow I got totally sidetracked and ended up cooking all…day…long. For two people. So…next year, I am thinking is either dinner out, or I am heading south and cooking dinner with Donovan’s Mama (shhhh…she doesn’t know that, I plan on just showing up on her doorstep with a ham). But, before the exhaustion set in there was lamb, potato salad (really good potato salad with eggs and pickles in it), roasted asparagus…did I go over this already? I can’t remember. Either way…too much food. So much that we never even made it to the soufflés. So we’re going to have to have those this week. The success of the meal for me was the potato salad. Just what I wanted to herald spring. I don’t know why, but it was. For the husband it was the pastry wrapped, blue cheese stuffed green olives. I didn’t care for them but I would try them again with an almond stuffed olive. The idea is good, but you really need to get the kind of olives that you like and not just any olive as the flavor really concentrates while baking. Oh and I did use use extra puff pastry to make fig and chocolate…things…turnovers? Hand pies? Is handpie a euphemism for anything? It should be.

Now, the night before Easter we stopped by a friend’s house for a party-ish thing and I took more of the lemon cupcakes. Big hit. Confirmation on their tastiness and their not- mini size. They are a keeper, even if I don’t generally like lemon-flavored things.

Anything else? Yeah, there’s stuff. I wrote a whole post about my teen years Easter baskets and then forgot about it and didn’t post it. Brief summary: granola and soy nuts instead of peeps and chocolate bunnies…BY REQUEST. That right there tells you a lot about me and why I stand in the kitchen eating my all natural, whole grain, 11 grams of fiber per ¾ cup breakfast cereal, doused in fat free soymilk out of the same mug I just used to drink filtered water to wash down my handful of weird supplements and stare at my husband’s box of frosted flakes of corn frosted with sugar and shake my head sadly.

And that, that previous sentence right there tells you I am not very good at constructing sentences.


Anonymous said...

i am trying vanilla soy milk on my 10:30 a.m. mid-morning snack of bob's red mill muesli (from which i pick out the dates so there's less sugar). do people think you're weird for eating healthy? or is that just here in oklahoma where the state food is a fried twinkie...

donovan's mamma said...

i have some funny soy stories here in the South. i will tell them to you if you spend next easter with us!

Jodi said...

Often I'm jealous that we can't ever come eat at your place. But then I read about that potato salad and those olives and...EW!

Easter baskets as a teen? LUCKY!