Friday, June 06, 2008


Things I would LIKE to do this weekend:

Take a long nap.
Make granola in the slow cooker.
Make some brownies for my dad.
Finish reading that book about yoga.
Go record shopping.
Spend some time with the cat.
Watch the second season of Life on Mars.
Work on my newest “art” which I am kind of in love with.
Purchase new bedroom furniture.

Things I NEED to do this weekend:
Print up cards.
Score cards.
Cut cards.
Pack cards.
Design new cards.
Clean the bathroom.
Clean the bedroom.
Clean the office.
Clean the living room.
Make some stuff for lunches for next week.
Make some stuff for breakfasts next week.
Go to Goodwill.
Make onsies for friend.

Things that WILL get done this weekend.
Bathroom will be cleaned.
(Some) cards will be printed, scored, cut, folded and packed.
Onesies will be made.
(Some) food stuff will be made.
(Some) of bedroom and office will be cleaned.

I make no promises though.

I started a new drawing yesterday that I was so pleased with that I was giddy for the rest of the night. It’s still in the digital sketch stage but I have big plans for it. Today, however, my allergies kicked in big time. My eyes were watering while I was in the shower so I took some meds. I was doing ok until now. They are starting to make me sleepy and I really don’t feel like drawing now. Which makes me sad because last night, that was all I wanted to do! Ah well. I’ll get there. That’s my motto, actually, well, no, my motto is “It will get done, because it has to.” But you know…loose translation and all. Happy weekend!


donovan said...

are you in love with the clean up fairy? i am.

Vanessa said...

I hope your allergies calm down, your cards are amazing! You also have quite the list there for this weekend and it sounds like you could use a housecleaning gnome. What? Those don't exist? No wonder my house needs cleaning! ;)

Jodi said...

I got so tired reading your list that I didn't get much done at all around my house this weekend.

ambitious hamster said...

how can you tell if your eyes are watering IN the shower?
my motto is - well i have 2 - "good enough" and "looks better than it used to."

design for mankind. said...

Hi dearie--- thank you SO much for your relevant advice! I totally agree, and I'd love to take you up on your advice. Minus the cooking [I'm so NOT qualified for that!].

Hope you love the release. :)