Thursday, December 11, 2008


A few random things:

I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t good, but I’ve seen much, much worse (*ahem* I’m looking at you Grinch who ruined my belief in all that is good in the world). Yeah, there is that disturbing “raisin” joke but, I can see why an 8 year old might like it. That’s my review, “Reasonably watchable if you are eight.”

I read “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. I am a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember if I had read this before, because, in my ever so humble opinion, it’s not his best work. I found it depressing and discomforting, if well written. I fail to see how you get a…90 minute? 120 minute, more likely, “romance” out of a story that, to me, was about aging, birth and how the very young and very old are treated. And how callous we can be in the middle. Whatever. I probably wouldn’t go see it anyway. My cat, however, might. Have I mentioned that she is obsessed with Brad Pitt? Seriously, she has her own dvd of Fight Club. If he’s on the televison, she will stop and watch and the only other thing she seems to watch is cartoons. Personally, I am very interested in “Nothing Like the Holidays” because it stars John Leguizamo, who is either a rich genius who just does whatever the hell he wants or is a seriously underused and undervalued actor. AND Alfred Molina. Who is one of the future ex Mr. “This is so silly”s. Dude, he made Doc Ock hot. What can I say?

I thought I had all my Christmas shopping done. I was, of course, wrong. It’s down to those little things. Gift certificates, gift baskets. Things that I put off until the last minute (last paycheck). Close…so close.

I also thought I had my Christmas mix done. I was so very close this morning. It seemed a little depressing and I was trying to see if I could weave a few cheerful songs in and…um…I accidentally deleted the playlist. Oops. Well, it’s given me a chance to rethink and cheer it up. So…anyone want a Christmas mix cd? I’d be willing to trade for something similar…when I get it done…it’s so close….

It’s down to parties and candy making now. Three…possibly four, liquor enriched sweets. Guinness truffles, single malt caramels, bourbon balls and…if time permits, rum enriched pecan pie truffles. No time for any others this year. Oh but I did get suckered into making some cupcakes. I am thinking gingerbread w/lemon butter cream (faux buttercream, that is).

I’m sure there’s more to be said, but I’m not the one to say it.


Jodi said...

I really enjoyed that Chipmunk movie.

That Button movie is LONG according to a friend...2 hours, 47 minutes. That was going to possibly be our Christmas movie, but now I'm rethinking it. Just like Christmas shopping. Rethinking it.

I don't need any candy, but if you have one cupcake to spare...I don't even need the icing.

Anonymous said...

good luck w/all the candy making! i guess i've given up baking. no time. this weekend i've been knitting like...a...knitting wait that's not right.

Joanne said...

Two hours and 47 minutes for that movie, Jodi? Holy cow.

I agree, ren, I have hard time understanding how it will be a sweeping love story. If anything it is an interesting look at how love can't always work or doesn't always work and that sometimes people can't accept the changes in their partner. I too found it depressing... especially in the way the boy was treated as a 70 year old child. To me, that type of abuse seems like it would be uncomfortable to watch.

Janet said...

Yes! I'd love to hear your Christmas mix! Hmmm...what to trade...