Monday, October 05, 2009


Sometimes I just don’t know what I want to listen to. It’s like being musically restless, I think I need some…rolling Stones, but that doesn’t do the trick, so it’s on to…the bangles…cake…underworld…pucinni…and it goes on and on. Today I posted on Facebook of my restlessness:

“can't decide what to listen to...first the runaways, then there was some x, which spawned some john doe and then exene, which morphed into streelight manifesto but that wasn't doing it...thirty seconds of "la giocanda" went to jace everett and now it's band of horses...still doesn't feel right.”

A friend responded that I should listen to some Bob Mould, so I did. Still not right. He came back and suggested The Pixies and here’s where it gets complicated.

I like all kinds of music. Seriously, even country and opera, which is where most people say “I like everything but…” I listen to some rap. Not a lot, but I think I am pretty open-minded when it comes to music…except for The Pixies…oh and Sonic Youth…and most Nirvana.

And that’s the thing. If you like indie, alternative or rock, you probably like all three of those bands. And honestly, I can’t say I hate every song by them, but…I will never choose to listen to them.

But, in order to do my due diligence, I went to Pandora and typed in The Pixies. It played “Hey” and I listened. I resisted the urge to shut it off. But I didn’t really enjoy it. And then, as Pandora does, it started to play music that is similar to The Pixies. First Weezer…ok, I am ok with Weezer in small doses. Then The Smiths and you know, I can listen to The Smiths, even though I still think that Morrissey sounds like Kermit the Frog, but you know… I can do that. Oh hey, what’s next? Radiohead, “Creep” groovy, love this song. And then…what is this crap? Oh, it’s The Pixies again.

I’m sorry, I can’t put my finger on it. I think it’s partially the jangly, feedbacky guitars, partially the voices. Just not for me, I guess. But I tried. And now it’s playing Smashing Pumpkins…what am I missing? This is nothing like The Pixies! *Sigh*…I guess I’ll just never be cool….oh well.

For the record, I have several “channels” on Pandora that have come up when I JUST HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS BAND NOW…see if these make me sound any cooler, even though I still don’t like Sonic Youth...

X Radio
The Runaways Radio
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Radio
Streetlight Manifesto Radio
Social Distortion Radio
Ben Lee Radio
The Veils Radio
Robbie Williams Radio (one of these things is not like the other….)
Ted Leo Radio
Genesis Radio
Underworld Radio
Peter Gabriel Radio

Yeah...not really cooler, I guess.

Hmmm…Pandora is now playing Sonic Youth. I think it’s trying to tell me something.


David said...

not that this will change your mind about the pixies, but

Jodi said...

Damn, if YOU are cool, then I hate to think...oh, never mind me.

I could never get into The Pixies, Sonic Youth, or even Radiohead for that matter. I can't stand Nirvana. I do like The Smiths and I agree that Weezer's okay in small doses, otherwise it gets awfully repetitive.

I don't know about this Pandora since I can't listen to music at work, but I do love me some Ben Lee and Peter Gabriel.

My "music" at work is chatter about registries, the weather, breast pumps, day care, the weather, traffic, facebook, and oh yeah, day care again. If only someone would talk about Zombieland [sans spoilers since I haven't seen it] or their Long Beach Comic Con experience, then I wouldn't feel like jumping out the window onto Sunset Blvd.

Imluckyandhappytohaveajob. Imluckyandhappytohaveajob. Imluckyandhappytohaveajob!!!

paper lotus said...

i have been musically restless for a VERY long time. can't figure it out. maybe you could make me a bitchin mix cd sometime.

Montana said...

Oh man. You have a chunk of tunes missing from your catalog then. That's crazy. I've never met a person unable to listen to at least one of the three. It's especially weird since you like artists similar... haha, I hope one day you'll be able to find exactly what you're in the mood for.