Friday, May 12, 2006

I never really know if it’s
a blessing or a curse.

Today at work we had a lengthy (read as “almost all day") conversation on what actually makes a human. A deeply philosophic conversation all about semantics and science. A lengthy conversation that really isn’t over yet. How did it start? Oh, I just said something about Dr. Who not being human and then someone said, “Well, what makes him not human?” so I said “Well, he comes from another planet”
“But you can be human and come from another planet”
“He has two hearts?”
“OK, that’s not human. But just being from another planet…Superman is human.”
This led to researching the word “human” (the most recurring and basic definition being something like “Bipedal primate mammal”) and much debate over whether Martian Manhunter is “human” or “humanoid” or neither.

Of course we all agree that mutants are humans either way. We’re very progressive.

In the end we all disagreed and Mark Waid may or may not have been called for a ruling.

Is that dorky?

Linky goodness

If you are in L.A. this weekend, you may want to check out Felt Club. I hope to stop by there but if not this time, perhaps next month.

And here yet another stupid poetry stunt that makes me unreasonably happy.

If you’ve been watching Doctor Who then you might find this little article interesting It’s all about Captain Jack and it mentions Torchwood, the proposed spin-off that appears to be very much in the making. I have now seen three episodes with the new doctor and I think all three have mentioned it in some way.

This might be handy if you are like me and you spend waaaay too much money on books.

Finally, in case you think you had a bad mother or you ARE a bad mother…nature says it could be worse.


Jodi said...

I'm so there! Felt Club here we come!

jules said...

uummmm... well, hate to add to your discussion, but doctor who was half human - on his mother's side. it was the "deep dark secret" at the end of the last series with sylvester mccoy - but they never really flushed it out. sorry

dave said...

superman is not human! how many times does luthor have to refer to him as "alien" before it sinks in?

Brenda Griffith said...

Gah gah gah! Nature is creepy. And I do feel like a MUCH better mother after reading that article!!! And how, little Renlet, have you managed to get your grubby littles on episodes with the new doctor in them? We jsut watched Friday's episode tonight and each week I mourn the impending loss of CE. *sigh*

ren said...

um...i have my ways. they pretty much involve the internet and a friend willing to burn can be done but i won't comment on how legal it is. just...look...something called bittorrent will help you.

Jodi said...

Gee...I wonder where you get them? LOL!