Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Make with the clicky.

Handy things I have learned on the internets:

How to eat a cupcake with out making as big a mess of myself as I normally would if I did not eat a cupcake this way (Jodi already mentioned by newly aquired cupcake skills but I thought it was worth reiterating).

How to stir chocolate syrup into my soymilk (or what have you) in a manner which makes it blend better and leave none at the bottom of the glass.

How to peel a banana like a monkey.

How to stop a baby crying…ok, I don’t have a baby to stop from crying but this annoys the hell out of my cat.

Then there is an interview with the author of a book which I find intriguing…but I will wait for paperback.

And a nifty website from my cousin (click on the vending machine on the left unless you speak Danish. Otherwise you will be all confused.)


justJENN said...

How to stop a baby from crying? Who needs that when you can take a picture with a ghost.

Jodi said...

Thanks for the stirring tip. I struggle with that when I make Eric's...I mean...The Man Toddler's chocolate milk every night.

ren said...

oh jen, no wonder the baby is crying! you have convinced him that there is a ghost in the house!

jodi, it works! it's a little strange at first because it's not the pattern you think you are used to, but it has worked really well so far.'s NICE that you make him chocolate milk every night...yeah.