Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Boyfriend's Back!
(hey-la, boyfriend's back!)

Bruce is back! Bruce is back! And I didn’t even know it until it was on.

I have documented my love for Bruce Parry before. And I really didn’t think there would be a second season of Going Tribal. But there is! And I am so happy that I keep starting sentences with “but” or “and” even though it is terribly incorrect to do so!

I don’t care much for reality TV. Look, I don’t care if YOU watch it but man, I hate seeing the worst in people put on full public display like that. It all just makes me cringe. But Bruce Parry…he is cute and cool and brave and I love him so! He spends time with fairly remote tribes, in this particular instance, a tribe in Ethiopia that is enemy to a tribe that he visited with in the previous series. It amazes me how willing he is to adapt to another culture, food, clothing, shelter and all and how he just DOES it. He’s honest, he described eating a blood clot (yeah, they drink cow’s blood and eat the clots over there…mmmm) as being similar to what it must be like to eat the stuff from the bottom of the tub, but he did eat it and it did garner him the respect he needed to work within the tribe. When I think of the fact that I won’t even eat a green pepper…man, that’s some kind of courage he’s got. He’s very engaging and open with the people he meets and it’s not at all…showboaty. He comes across as a very genuine person. I hope he is but if he’s not, he plays it way.

In any case, I still love him and I still recommend his show.

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Jodi said...

Once again, you outsmart me. I have no idea what this post is about, but I'm happy you are happy! : )