Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Things that are conspiring to keep me from sleeping

1. stress, both real and imagined
2. fear, both specific and generic

and speaking of fear…can I just tell you that I have been programmed by my education to not sleep? Seriously. And I am betting it’s a generational thing because I am pretty sure anyone who went to school with me has this lingering fear of nuclear holcost and if everyone in my eighth grade class has it, then I am betting that pretty much everyone from that era has it. I can’t be the only one who spent an entire semester in a darkened classroom watching movies about nuclear winters, can I? And when I say movies, I mean MOVIES, Tora Tora Tora, The Atomic Cafe, The Day After…lots of them. And the teacher wore fatigues! Ok, maybe we were the only ones but that one semester of eighth grade social studies has trained me to lie in bed at night and fear the worst. It’s bad enough that the kitchen floor is dirty or that the cat box could use a good cleaning or that I may have spilled paint on the counter and forgot to clean it up but then I start to worry about faces melting and ducking and covering and…oh, you get the picture…anyway

3. tossing and turning of husband
4. whirring of fan…why, oh, why don’t we have an air conditioner in the bedroom?
5. That damn bird that has learned how to mimic an alarm clock. SERIOUSLY. And he starts going off around 3 a.m. Bastard.


Why? Because I am a TIRED GIRL, that’s right. And the Tired Girls are about ready to take over San Diego once again. And when I say “take over” I pretty much mean sit quietly at our table and talk nice to you when you walk by. But we will be there, at the convention center, from Wednesday night to Sunday evening and we will be peddling our wares. And I don’t mean anything dirty by that…unless you have a lot of money, then we can talk. NO, NO! I keeeed, I keeeed. (Good Lord, can you tell how tired I must really be if I am making prostitiuion jokes?). We’ve got all kinds of cool stuff and most of us are reasonably nice people so please, stop by if you are in the neighborhood, won’t you? Say “HI” to Anna, Jodi, and Sherri…and me too!

And don’t forget to go see our boys at Big Boss. They are super swell and we love them, especially Jason! Stop by his blog for more Comic-Con pimping and see if you don’t get all excited over the geekery.

See you in a week or so!


Nanette said...

Have fun!!!

MamaMin said...

Oh my, yes - The Day After. I watched that with my mom when I was in 6th grade. Yikes. And it was made even worse for me because my social studies teacher had just told us in ominious tones that our general area of MA was "on Russia's hit list because GE is here". Ummmmm - thanks, dude.

Anonymous said...

I think we are the same age - but I don't remember worrying much about nuclear holocaust in Southern California. We fretted mostly about earthquakes and if it was going to be cloudy at the beach on the weekend.
Hope you have a great time in SD - I am so envious!

steph said...

i remember duck and cover and hanging out under our desks as if that would really save us. since i cannot go to comi-con and i love your stuff, i would like one of everything you are selling. i will pay for the stuff and for shipping. thank you! good night!