Friday, July 13, 2007


I should have been working. Printing, scoring, cutting, packaging. And I did…some. On the fourth of July, no less. But not so much since then. But I have been to the Hollywood Bowl with a SnarkyDork to see The Decemberists. That was good. Very good. And wine-y…blueberry wine-y. And I did perform in the capacity of a Doggie Do-Gooder, finding a sweet little runaway and returning her home. (I swear I almost kept her, she was so good-natured. And my cat has always wanted a dog to call her very own…)

OK, now see, since I wrote that bit above I have gone to see Eddie Izzard. Gosh I love you Eddie. Kind of hate your audience though, except for those nice people that I sat with. But that lady behind me, not so keen on her. And the one who interrupted the show to give you a lecture on sharks, I could have done without that. And that lady down front who felt the need to chat with you mid-show…yeah. What was up with all that chatter? People, I paid $25 dollars to listen to Eddie Izzard forget his jokes and talk about bees. Not to hear you yell out to him that you’ve been watching The Riches. I have too but I kind of assume he already knows.

ANYway…it’s been a bit of a madhouse around here. Well, it has and it hasn’t. I’ve been working and playing and getting things done and not getting things done and now there is a brand new gas range sitting in the middle of my living room and I need a hair cut and the movie deal fell through and I did pot all my plants but I have yet to pot my gothic terrarium garden and…wait…what?

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it’s been around here lately. But come Monday, I will finally have a stove that does not require me crawling around on the floor to light it every damn time I want to make a cupcake (ten years of this!!!). And by next week I hope to finally have a haircut (after a year…ugh). And maybe, just maybe, I will get everything done for comic con and then I will do something…interesting…that I can write about…because that’s not been happening lately. Well, I mean, I saw the Decemberists…that was interesting. And I saw Eddie, that was interesting. But I don’t suppose just saying those things makes interesting reading, now does it?

You know, I haven’t even really watched any TV or read any books or…ok, well I did watch two episodes of the “World Series of Pop Culture” the other night. Apparently, I am no longer well informed in the matter. I did ok in the “name the album these three songs are found on” category but I anticipated too much in the “Kevin Bacon movie” category and I screwed it up. Just remember though, in case you are ever asked, Animal House, She’s Having a Baby and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. They will come in handy someday.

Currently, I am just trying to get all my ducks in a row for the big ol’ geek fest. Last year my goal was to sell something to someone cool. Someone who would make me kind of geek out…and it happened. An author I really like stopped by and bought some t-shirts from me. Well, an author/actress. You may have heard of her. She was in a little movie called Drop Dead Fred? No? Oh well, she was in some sci-fi thing too…
Well I am hoping for that again. Someone cool to stop by. Maybe an artist I like or perhaps…well…I am hoping anyway.

OK, sorry. I’ll try to be more interesting later. For now…dammit. Kevin Bacon WAS in White Water Summer I KNEW IT! James said I was just thinking of River Wild! Ha. I am better at trivia than…ok, maybe not.


Brenda Griffith said...

I don't know anything about the movie deal because, well, nothing posted about it ( :-0 ), but I'm sorry it fell through. "Fell through" are never good words.

Congrats on the appliance--we just did the dishwasher replacement and are heading for a fridge today.

Jodi said...

Those might have been nice people you sat with, but remember one of them stalked a flickr contact in the bathroom! Creepy!

P.S. Update my link on the right! Someone snapped up Jodi101 and now my link is

Joanne said...

For me with the Kevin Bacon thing I just remember A Few Good Men. You can link almost anything to Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, or Tom Cruise. :)

I saw the Decemberists when they were here in Seattle. I liked them, but I was very tired that day and might have fallen asleep a little bit. :)

I need a hair cut. But I'm afraid of getting one since the last one was okay to begin with but now has caused me to regularly hate my hair. I think it has been at least 6 months though.

Anonymous said...

what movie deal?