Monday, September 24, 2007


No, no, it wasn’t a two-week vacation. That would have been nice, but no. I got home well over a week ago. Then it took a few days to recover…then it took a few more to get sick. And then recover again, which I am still working on. The recovery, I mean. And no, it wasn’t the typical “caught a cold on the airplane” thing. Although I am very, very good at that. I returned fully healthy and sort of relaxed, even though it would be quite a stretch to call the vacation relaxing. It was pretty hardcore, go-go-go, theme parking. But when I felt pretty well recovered from that, and back in the correct time zone, I noticed that a few of my co-workers were suspiciously missing from work. And the cold has since plowed its way through the office, taking us down one by one.

So I am back but I am not recovered but whatever. I was at Disneyworld for a week. It’s worth the cold. And although I wouldn’t call my vacation “relaxing” it was fun, fun, fun. And surprisingly, everything pretty much went our way. After being told by a concierge that no reservations were available at one of the few restaurants we deemed unmissable, we walked up to the door and were told we could get a table. OK, we said when do you have an opening. Um…when do you want to eat? No fuss, no muss. And it was good. And so was high tea. And so was not having to wait in line for anything for more than about 20 minutes and most of the time walking right on a ride, then walking off and walking right back on again. Sure, it was hot. About ninety-five most days. And humid. 100% humidity and several bouts of rain. There were blisters the size of Cadillacs and emergency “get the hell out of the sun!” moments but it was good. And we had fun. And now we are both at our respective homes and it’s a wee bit sad.

And if you are headed to Disney, do not miss the new-ish pirates. It’s, as I am sure you know, the same old pirates with a few new additions. I’ll be honest. I was never a huge fan of the ride and even less of one after being stuck in it for half an hour back in 1987, but I liked the updates quite a lot and it made the ride less…ok, look, I am afraid of water rides, OK? I can handle “it’s a small word” but that’s about it. I just keep waiting for something awful to pop up out of the water. So far nothing has, but the lovely new animatronics Jack Sparrow kept me engaged without being twitchy. And I am not really a Jack Sparrow fan. I’d much prefer a little more Barbossa myself. Or even more Davy Jones. But hey, yes, lovely job.

Now I’ve got to get back to coughing and wishing I could take a nap. Sigh.


Janet said...

there was a certain something about Barbossa ;-)

Felicia said...

Oooooh I can't wait! I'm so excited to see the new additions. We are also going to that Pirate Dinner show while we are there. And my son will be Jack Sparrow at the DW trick or Treat thing. We will be all pirated out!...Glad you're back:)

acmcclendon said...

hope you are feeling better!

Jodi said...

I'm glad you had a nice time on your trip. Are the changes in the Pirates ride the same as here? It sounds so much better at D-world than what I saw at D-land.