Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Oh it must be back to school time because I am looking at notebooks and journals and schoolbags and wishing I needed some. The stationary lust hits hard in September but I am well stocked and have no need for just one more sharpie set or one more blank book. Don’t get me wrong, I will find a reason to have them all but at the moment…nothing. My husband did give me a big ol’ handful of mini gel pens though, that ought to keep me at bay for a while.

So, it’s been hot. Did you know? Like super hot, hot. Like even I think it’s hot kind of hot. I am the girl that requires sweaters until it’s in the eighties and three quarter sleeves until it’s 93 degrees out. I sleep in sweats or long pajamas and even I wore a tank top to bed. Over one hundred degrees for many days. This made the weekend quite unpleasant and claustrophobic as we only have air conditioning in one room. Going to the bathroom was brutal. Going to bed in the actual bedroom was unthinkable. More than ten minutes in the kitchen? No way. But going out? Also unthinkable. Imponderable. Unbearable. So I sat in my little corner of the couch and read and watched Mad Men and…did very little. Hey, I would have cleaned…really…if it hadn’t been so hot. But…you know it was for my health that I didn’t.

Now in truth, it has been my experience anyway, that it’s really only unbearably hot in Los Angeles for about two weeks of the year. Not always two weeks in a row but in general, only about 14 days a year require me to use the air conditioner…but also keep in mind, I am like the lizard. Cold blooded. I like the warm. In general, when everyone else is saying it’s way too hot, I am quite happy. But when I say hot. It’s hot. But two weeks is ok. I can handle that. People tend to forget though. In a week or so it will still be pretty warm and people will start saying things like “It’s September, it should be cooler than this” as they have said every year in all my ten years here. And guess what. Every year it’s been this hot around this time. So, what do I do? I leave. Next week I am off to Florida, where it is…hot. But I will be in Disney where there are may cool places to hide, so I won’t mind. Also, Disney as an adult…much more entertaining. There are already plans in motion for cocktails and…well, more cocktails. I can’t wait. And then after cocktails there will be much shopping and more cocktails and IT’S A SMALL WORLD. It shall be grand, I tell you, GRAND!


Joanne said...

Ack! I'm envious! :) I mean, I have already been to Disney World this year, but it was a whirlwind three days with an 11 year old, so not quite the Disney of adults. If I ever get married, I dream of that as my honeymoon, but wow am I going to have to find an accommodating guy. :)

alexgirl said...

I totally agree about the back-to-school vibe. I walk the isles of Duane Reade and wish I needed pencils and trapper keepers etc. Sigh.
Great blog, btw!