Thursday, December 06, 2007


Things I am currently wondering:

Why the air conditioner is running in this office. It’s COLD!! I am wearing two sweaters and a scarf.

Why my headache won’t go away. (A: Change in barometric pressure, perhaps?)

Why can’t I type more than one word without making a mistake.

What’s for dinner? (I’m thinking miso soup and cheap sushi)

Is it stupid to go to Target tonight? I really do need toilet paper…

How did my 12 year-old self manage to time travel and tag the billboard in front of this building with the greatest graffiti ever?

In big hot pink letters it reads “I (PINK PUFFY HEART (actual heart, which is pink and puffy)) HORSES.” I don’t know who did it but it is the best graffiti I have ever seen. And in my imagination she is 12 and has her hair in a side ponytail and she is wearing rainbow leg warmers and overalls and possibly one of those headbands that goes across your forehead. But my imagination does tend to run wild.

Go, graffiti girl, whoever you are! And please don’t ever tell me that you are just some dude with pink spray paint. That would spoil everything.


Jodi said...

I wish we had some of your a/c over here because even the "cold" people are sweating in my department today.

As for Target...go for it. Can't be any worse than it is on December 24th. Trust me, as I'm there on that day every year. And hey, maybe I'll run into you. 3rd night of Hannukah, ya know? And yes, I'm unprepared.

Miss Sassy said...

LOL on the graffiti. My 12-year-old self would be wearing flight pants. Never had them but always wanted them. My 36-year-old self would look very ridiculous in flight pants.

It is nice to work from home now (or not work as it seems today) so I don't have to indulge in the heat wars at work.