Monday, November 26, 2007


Ah Thanksgiving, how I miss you already. You, with all the cooking and dish washing and burning of the fingers, you were my relaxing day. Although, come to think of it, I didn’t actually DO anything Friday and Saturday at the craft fair. Who knew that sitting for seven hours could be so exhausting?

Yeah…craft fair. It was kind of sad. It was a really nicely run fair, everyone said it was well organized and coming from Comic-con, I don’t have anything to compare it with but hey, they would deliver food to you…in your booth! That’s pretty awesome (even if I didn’t have them do that) and the organizer, she knew my name! And my products! And she was super nice. But apparently, that’s just not enough because NO ONE SHOWED UP. No one. Well, a few people, but not many. And the people that were there? They didn’t actually purchase things. Oh they stopped, they chatted, they loved our stuff…and then they walked away. It would appear that it was not us, for once. We were showered and non-stinky and friendly (well…most of us were…ahem) but the crowds were not at all crowd like, they were more singular. And it just…wasn’t. We had some lovely jewelry designers on one side of us (although I must say, I was terribly distracted by the fact that the male half of the team showed up early one morning topless. And it’s not like he was ripped or anything but apparently, I am easily distracted by half naked men…and shiny things too…ok, fine…I am easily distracted) and an excellent illustrator on the other side who didn’t even show up on the second day. So yeah, that was kind of a bust. But I think we found our niche at comic-con and am happy to stay there. Also, once you have dealt with a building full of 100,000 nerds and geeks, anything else is gonna seem tiny by comparison. So, basically, it was two pretty nice days spent sitting in the sun. Which, as I said, totally exhausted me. Who knew that sitting could take such a toll?

So, now it’s on to bigger and better things. Christmas and travel and family and…stuff.
Oh and for the record, turkey, totally not dry. Totally that other word that I don’t like…the m-o-i-s-t word. Someday I will go to Brenda’s house for a deep fried turkey since there is no way in hell I am going to be allowed around a bucket of hot grease, but until then, plain old roasting works just fine for me. It even took less time than I expected. I put the turkey in and figured it would take about 3 hours. Somehow, I got distracted…probably by something shiny or naked…and then when I finally remembered that I probably should baste the poor dead thing at least once, I opened the oven and it was done. So dinner was a lot earlier than I had planned on, but that’s the nice thing about a small Thanksgiving. You can just go with the flow. Now, several days later, I am officially done with turkey until Christmas. Seriously. I even tried to pawn some off on the cat. She just horked it back up onto the rug. So there’s one (more) failed experiment.

Annnnnnyway…Thanksgiving good. Craft fair bad. Oh except I did make a purchase from the Mincing Mockingbird and I totally recommend you check him out. Excellent stuff that.


Tim said...

I can't even think of turkey right now. I think I may hork it up on the rug too.

Jodi said...

Okay, so I didn't wash my hair, but I don't think I was stinky? If so, sorry. I tried to be's so hard sometimes though. ; )

ren said...

oh jodi, you do stink, but it has nothing to do with showering.



Anonymous said...

but wasn't the highlight of the show meeting the ambitious hamster's dad???

Miss Sassy said...

Sounds like my experience with every craft fair. What did you sell? I'm so behind reading posts, I'm sorry if I missed it in an earlier one.