Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My day has been…fine. It started out ok and I suspect that it will end ok. But apparently, everyone else’s day has been crap and right now it seems as if I am hearing it all at once. Every phone call, every conversation, every minute on the radio, the internet…everywhere has been filled with yelling and anger and illness and sadness and pain and…what ever else. And even when people haven’t been angry or ill or sad or in pain, they have been yelling (HEY, use the damn telephone or get off your ass and walk into the office, don’t just yell across it, asshole!) and grabbing and begging and quite frankly, whatever was fine about my day has now wandered by the wayside and periodically strays dangerously close to the traffic. It’s been frustrating to say the least. And I’d like to say that it’s all over but the shouting but the shouting started early this morning (All right. Let’s be honest here, my version of “early this morning” is totally different from yours, ok? Don’t ask me what my version is, just assume it’s much later than yours).

And the worst part is that my day started out ok and it will probably end ok. But the in between has been one heck of a day.

Anyway, what has brought it all back into focus today is listening to Stephen Fry’s first “podgram.” The story wanders a bit and when he reveals that he’s been recording this under the influence of sleeping pills it kind of feels like “Well, duh, Stephen!” but his voice is soothing and his perspective is…familiar and frustrating and it’s a perfectly pleasant way to block out the shouting.

And since this all sounds so…eh. Lame? Pathetic? Unsatisfying? BORING? Here are two little recent bits of…things…that I have been working on. My new business card, which is funny if you know me because I am anything but business and not only don’t know of anyone who needs my info on a tidy little card, I will not be introducing myself to anyone and offering them my card because I don’t talk to people. At all. But, as my mother has said so many times, I had a coupon. And it got me cheap cards. All it got my mom was boxes of things we never ate. So that’s something.

Also, I did a little artwork for Ms. Smith’s website. I think it looks nice. She requested that I use red and turquoise and I did, for the most part. Unfortunately, I have no web design experience so I had to go back and do that whole “web safe color” thingy, and that was a learning experience. Two hundred and sixteen colors indeed!

Oh weird. While I type I am listening to free classical music from Lisztonian and some other site that I had open must have had some sounds for when you click on something (see, if I was a web designer type person I would know what to call those...sounds). Aaaaanyway, right in the middle of Etude in B flat Major Op. 36 No. 6 by Moritz Moszkowski it sounded as if someone started yelling "HELLLLLO! HELLLLLLLLO!" in that manner that you use when someone is being dense. So now even my computer is yelling. Damn.


sassypriscilla said...

I'm digging the colors on that site. Cool job.

I guess I won't tell you about my week... it hasn't been so pleasant either.

Vanessa said...

Sometimes I just want to scream get your toxic energy away from me when everyone feels the need to tell me about their bad day en mass. If you're going to do something to fix it? Great! Just want to bitch and moan? You should prolly find someone else, I'm not so great at that.

Jodi said...

Sorry for contributing to the bad vibes of your day. : (

Again, I'm impressed by your big 'ole brain. I don't understand the title and some of the other stuff in your post and feel stupid. Don't worry. It's not you, it's me.

acmcclendon said...

can i have one of your business cards, or a few of them? they are cool!

kate said...

I agree with you about snow. Not my favourite thing either. I hate people shouting - the good thing about growing old is that it's much easier to tell people off or block them out. That way I can cruise through the day without being irritated by anyone. (oh and sometimes it doesn't work but I'm still working on it).

Your blog is great ... I like that someone else doesn't know all these technical words ...

Jeremiah Jones said...

I know this is an older post, but I came across your blog by chance and saw the reference to the Lisztonian website! I happen to be Jeremiah Jones - the one who does the recordings on that site! I'm glad to hear that you have enjoyed using it :) It is nice to know that I've done some measure of good in the world.

Be sure to keep stopping by the site. I've been trying to release a new recording at least once or twice a month!