Wednesday, February 06, 2008


So, um, Ren, next time you decided to make that instant mac and cheeze (the totally organic hippie kind, not the scary orange kind) and you take the cheese powder sachet in hand and go to do that thing where you shake it? You know, like when you have a packet of instant gravy or cocoa (Oh and by the way, stop mixing those two up. You really shouldn’t drink instant gravy in a mug before you go to bed)? That thing, where you kind of grab it by one end and shake it like you shake a thermometer when you are trying to get the mercury down below body temperature? That motion like you are kind of fanning yourself? Right? You know what I mean? Yeah?

Make sure that there isn’t a hole in the bottom of the packet, okay? Because apparently cheese will fly out of it and directly into your face resulting in the dreaded “cheese eye” and it will be quite uncomfortable for quite a while despite washing your eyes with both water and eye drops. And later in the day when you rub your face you will realize that your eyebrows are still full of cheese powder and then when you cry from the laughter, your tears will be slightly gritty and dairy scented.

Yeah, just a reminder for next time.


Jodi said...


Chris said...

Once, in the middle of the night, I had heartburn so I got up to get some antacid. At the time, we used those chalky liquid ones. Renee asked me to bring her some since she had heartburn, too.

I went to the kitchen, shook the bottle, and drank a shot (right from the bottle). Then I carried it back the bedroom and handed it to her. Half asleep and before I could warn her, she shook the opened bottle vigorously, covering the bed, the ceiling, us, and half of the rest of the bedroom in Mylanta.

mean friend said...


sorry. i don't wish you suffering. but, come on. that's funny raght thar.

Anonymous said...

LOL! That is so something that I would do. Only with a ink pen that got ALL over my hand/arms/shirt/face. Get the picture? =) Like your blog!

Vanessa said...

OMG funny!