Thursday, April 03, 2008


The proof of the pudding is in the…cupcake. Displayed above is the proof that refutes my husband’s mini-cupcake theory once and for all. HA! I WIN!!

He’s still arguing though.

In the background you can just see my beloved PG Tips canister. Actually it's a WG (Wallace and Grommit) Tips canister, gifted to me by my good friend who shall only be known as the Princess of Wails. He brings me tea back every time he goes to England and I love him for it.

And below, the lovely cupcakes iced and topped with shiny red currants. They were good. And if I ever remember, I will post the recipe. But don’t get your hopes up, because I won’t remember.

And one more…my sweet kitty. The one that likes to bite Jodi (well really, who WOULDN’T?). The beautiful rug beneath the cat was a Christmas gift from my mother. When it arrived, my husband laid it out on the floor and the cat took up residence. I had to physically remove her from it in order to put the rug to use. My cat firmly believes that all rugs belong to her and, I am pretty sure that she thinks she is invisible when she is on the rug. She’s wrong. But if it makes her happy, who am I to argue?

(Please no comments on her size. She has a "condition" and she's very sensitive about it.)


Jodi said...

For the sake of science, I would like to see an overhead shot of those cupcake holder thingys.

P.S. You can get that tea in Burbank at the Brit shoppe. But, I'm sure you know that. Oh, and thanks, I had some of that yummy tea when I was feeding your bitey cat last December.

ren said...

so are you saying you are on his side? because to get that shot, i'll have to make more cupcakes (i did try before and it just didn't come out).

and yes, i do know you can get the pg tips here, but it's like a thousand dollars more! ok, well, it's alot more than it is in england, thus my courier service. let me know if you want some, i'll ask the princess for you!

Janet said...

mmm, PG Tips! Love that rug, btw :-)

Vanessa said...

I can't believe he is still arguing about this!! Can't he tell the size just by looking now?