Thursday, November 13, 2008


At the moment, the thinking is this:

roast turkey stuffed with:
bread stuffing with sage
sweet potato casserole
roasted brussels sprouts with garlic
crescent rolls (can’t help myself)

And for dessert:
chocolate tart with hazelnut crust

But I am sure that I will feel guilty for not making a pumpkin pie and overcompensate with some kind of pumpkin cupcake or cookie or…pie.

Also watch for hors d’oeuvres to be added, as well as various side dishes as I start to worry about not having a “thanksgiving” feeling…for two people. I’d say you’ll probably see the appearance (or at least the consideration) of: deviled eggs, cheese and olive platter, pastry wrapped olives, cheese straws, home made breads, another vegetable, possibly a salad, corn bread to replace rolls from a tube, various wines (although I am the only one that drinks them), ice cream to go with whatever kinds of pies, and as long as I am making ice cream, maybe I should just go ahead and make chocolate chip mint, since that’s his favorite, and since I don’t eat ice cream, maybe I should make some soy cream too…

Yeah, I always start with the best intentions.

Aren't you thankful that Thanksgiving cards are available in the store?


Janet said...

deviled aigs! I'm so there :-)

Kari said...

What time should we be over?

Brenda Griffith said...

I vote for deviled eggs--or maybe pimento cheese spread... Oh boy, I've lived in the south too long!

Anonymous said...

um yeah, i will fly across half the country to be there, for sure. you never answered @kari - what time should we be there??

ren said...

you guys should just show up about...oh...3 or 4...if i don't answer the door, just wait on the that.

Kari said...

I am seriously tempted. You could slip food to me out of your mail slot. Baxter and Charlie Parker and I could make sure you have no leftovers.