Tuesday, November 04, 2008


So I just read saw through Boing Boing via Defamer that we are not the only childish, immature people to make the “I Farted” sticker, which I never really doubted anyway. I am pretty sure we were the only people to have the “I’m Hammy” sticker though.

And I forgot to mention some of the costumes I saw on Halloween. Actually, I was kind of concerned at first because I kept seeing people that could have been in costume or could have just been, you know…kind of…off. I saw a woman that I thought was dressed up as a 70’s lady. Bell bottoms, wedge heels, cute scarf at her neck and big sunglasses, but the bad wig threw me off…it wasn’t bad in a good costume way, it was more bad in a “I accidentally shaved my hair off and all I could find to put on my head was this dead cat” kind of way. So I got confused. Then there was the guy who could have been dressed as a golfer, or possibly a hip-hop moguls umbrella carrier or…he could just really like obnoxiously argyle sweaters. Dunno.

But the best bad costume, by far was worn by a teenage girl. As I was driving home I encountered a little pack of them. I’d guess they were 15 or so but I find that I can’t really tell with teenagers, especially in L.A. they could have been 12 for all I know, either way, they looked a little too old to be trick-or-treating, but there they were with pillowcases. There was the sexy Native American, the sexy nurse, the sexy punk and my all-time personal favorite…sexy Marilyn Monroe.

Seriously? You had to shorten the skirt on that iconic white dress? You had to make the neckline even lower? And how old are you anyway? Does your mother know you are dressed like that? Sexy Marilyn? Really? Just…don’t you…I…oh never mind.

And Janet, the recipe for the cheeseless mac and cheez was from here. I didn’t use green beans, I had chard on the side, and I was profoundly slap-dash with my measuring…and I used whole wheat pasta because that’s what I had. But it worked out just fine. And it took, like, no time at all.

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Janet said...

and the yeast gives it the cheesy flavor?