Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Feeling a bit weary at the moment due to a cold that I received for my birthday. Yay. Thanks. Don’t know where it came from but I literally felt it arrive. I was talking to a friend’s mother and aunt and my nose started to tickle. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to some perfume but no, it was a wicked little sniffle. I’ve been trying to kill it off with loads of vitamin c and some elderberry stuff and truth be told, I’ve had much worse. Today, however, I feel pretty uggy.

Still I had several nice dinners out over the weekend. Several cakes (no, seriously…several cakes), received many excellent gifts and one cold and it was a really nice way to get older (except for the cold). And I am old. But not bothered by it. I think I’ll save that post for another day though.

Anyway, things are in high gear around here for Felt Club. I have not done nearly enough cutting and folding and packing and ironing and what have you so it’s really not going to settle down before Sunday. And then we have another show on the sixth at Tallmouse in Cerritos, the Handmade Brigade. So, you know, please do stop by if you are in the neighborhood. And if you are not…here’s one of the new Christmas cards…

I dunno, I am kind of fond of her. I think she’s cute but I also think she’s kind of…creepy…what do you say?


Janet said...

puhlease. no one who's younger than me can say they're old.

she does looks a bit creepy but in a cool way!

Jodi said...

Heh heh. Elderberries.

I feel like a complete tool. I've had no dinner with you, baked you no cake, given you no gift. Just sucking all around on this end of things. I can only promise a gift in the near future, but no cake. Sorry.

Brenda Griffith said...

Not creepy in the least--a determined little girl who knows how to get what she wants and how to work the system... reminds me of one I have running around here.

Alas, I too am guilty of neither baking for you nor showering you with gifts, but hey, I'm in Atlanta!

Finally, one more whine about being old gets you a smack upside the head. Hello? 30th high school reunion looming here! And yes, I am a bit looking forward to it (I have never been to any reunion--and even skipped graduation).

sassypriscilla said...

Happy Birthday. Nice gift, that cold. Don't think I'll ask for that on my birthday.