Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I started out writing a comment to what a few people had commented on in a previous post but then it got long so I figured I would just make it an entry and make it look like I have a lot of things to write about. But what I really like is how it ends and begins with bakery related non-sequitrs.

Also, the lovely Ms. Smith gave me a dark chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles today. I have to say the cake was excellent but the icing was too sweet and I do not agree with any sort of cupcake construction that requires eating said cupcake with a fork. Cupcakes are handhelds. Also, I think “Sprinkles” sounds like a dirty name for some reason. Still, it was a good cupcake.

My comments to my comments:

Teacakes, you say? Hmmmm.

The movies I never need to see again are...movies I never need to see again.

Matchstick Men was quite tedious to me but to be honest, I don’t remember why. I am not a big fan of Nicholas Cage and Sam Rockwell…he can be fun but he is always Sam Rockwell to me. You know?

Jackie Brown confused the hell out of me because I kept knowing what was going to happen, I decided that Ii was psychic and then realized I had actually read the book (“Rum Punch”). BUT, I kind of just didn’t like the movie. I don’t think Pam Grier is a BAD actress but I don’t love her either and I just don’t like Robert Forester. I just don’t.

The Karate Kid is one of those over-hyped movies from my youth that I imagine I enjoyed as a teen but now I can’t stand. Although Ralph Macchio hold the distinction of being the only celebrity to whom I have ever written a fan letter (I didn’t get a reply). I will confess however that I have yelled “SWEEP THE LEG” more than once in my life.

L.A. Confidential is a total anomaly for me. I should like it. I really should. I like Guy Pierce, I like Kevin Spacey, I like Russell Crowe,I like James Cromwell and I really like Paul Guilfoyle. All that should counteract my distaste for Kim Basinger and that soft, soft focus on her not-an-ingĂ©nue-anymore face but I just didn’t care for it. I remember thinking at the time that it was tedious and obvious but I haven’t seen it since then because, as I say I never need to see it again. Maybe I am wrong.

Strange Days is a bad movie that I have seen many times. Partially I think it is my fondness for Ralph Fines that brings me back but it is a nasty, nasty story, so I don’t know why I come back to it. I do have this fascination with Juliette Lewis too. She’s…compelling for some reason.

One of my favorite L.A. movie moments/memories though is in a movie that is not actually set in L.A. I remember seeing Jurassic Park 2 and the scene where they bring the dinosaur back and it escapes from the boat and runs around tearing up the city. I believe that is supposed to be set in…maybe San Diego. But as I was watching in the theatre, I realized that the street the dinosaur was running down was actually the street right in front of the very theatre in which I was sitting and it alternately freaked me out/made me happy. I was a little afraid that when the movie was over I would come out to a city terrorized by a T. Rex (the dinosaur, not the glam rock band). Sadly, or perhaps happily, I just don’t know anymore, it wasn’t. But this sort of thing happens all the time on TV as well. Almost every street background on sit-coms is my neighborhood. It is unnerving to be watching a show set in New York or Chicago and see Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank being used as background.

And if they were squid cupcakes, I think you could fairly call them a gross.


Chris said...

You probably won't believe this, but I did exactly the same thing with Jackie Brown - I didn't know it was based on Rum Punch and I had read it as well.

I think L.A. Confidential is the only good thing Kim Basinger has done and I thought the soft-focus thing was sorta funny in an intentional homage to Veronica Lake type film noir.

Hope your knee and elbow feels better. I hate to fall -- it's embarassing.

dave said...

your right about sprinkles... and it sounds even dirtier with an adjective. for instance: chocolate sprinkles.

hey cool, my word verification characters are "mdnurd" sounds like an advice columnist for all us nerds - doctor nurd