Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Memento Nori

I have this bad habit (what, just one?). If I am watching television alone, I tend to watch more than one thing at a time. This is generally not wise but I do get some interesting mash-ups. I think one of my favorites was Troy of the Dead. Who knew that Spartans and zombies mixed so well? (Go now and write that Roman zombie movie for me, you know you want to).

So this past weekend it was Dr. Eddie Who Izzard (yeah, I don’t know how to make that into a clever mash-up title, sorry). BBCAmerica was playing Eddie Izzard: Circle and although I have seen it, I do love me some British men in drag. Mix it up with a little cheesy, hot sci-fi (mmm…cheesy hot sci-fi) and I am in geeky heaven. I will not even go into the fact that I do so love them all, Eddie and the Doctor and Rose. These are beautiful looking people. And how does Eddie do what he do in five inch heels when I can’t even sit in them without looking like an idiot? If that’s not proof that we are all just “born that way” then I don’t know what is. I totally missed out on the “dress like a girl” gene. I guess Eddie got mine. And let me just tell you, when you do wear the high heels, please remember that the toilet is now that much lower. It’s…yeah…I speak from experience here, people.

I took a little jaunt with some girlfriends this weekend. We went out to Ojai, a little town that I had never before visited. It was pretty interesting and we had a good ol’ time wandering around and having tea. Yep, tea. What with the scones and clotted cream and everything. And belive me, clotted cream tastes much better than it sounds. So this put me in mind of opening my own goth themed bakery. Do you think people would actually buy food from a place called Malicious Delicious? What if the predominant theme of the bakery was skull and crossbones? Do you think that is sending a mixed message there? Hmmm… I think this is something I need to work on. How does one make truly black cupcake icing anyway?

Oddly, this actually ties in to a cookbook idea that I’ve been working on. My husband thought that I should author a goth cookbook. I don’t know if I will ever get around to it but every once in a while I crack myself up when I think of a good recipe. C’mon…Never S’mores? Bella Linguini is Dead? Memento Nori rolls? This, my friends, is comedy gold…or something.


Brenda Griffith said...

Oh I love it! And I would be Malicious Delicious' first customer, but, uh, ditch the skull and crossbones.

Jodi said...

Sounds great (the bakery). Your creativity continually inspires me. As silly as it may be.

My mom was working as a cake decorator at a bakery in Florida and around Halloween they were not allowed to use black icing...it suggests terrorism or something. They had to do purple and orange on all Halloween pastries.

I've heard Ojai is lovely. I hope to go someday.

justJENN said...

Hey, I'm in the middle of writing a cookbook too! Odd. Not goth themed though.

To make black icing you mix the primary colors until you get a disgusting mushy mess. That's how I got the hair color for these.

dave said...

i saw morimoto make somewhat black icecream with squid ink on iron chef