Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"She comes in colors"...
what the heck is that supposed to mean?

JustJENN was asking about songs that “make your heart ache.” And there is no doubt that we all have them. I guess it’s mostly our connections with the songs and where and when we heard them but has anyone ever told you that a particular song reminds them of you? Were you disturbed by the answer? I was thinking about this the other day, I used to have a playlist called “Songs I Wish Were About Me” and the only song that I remember being in there was “Nosering Girl by Nerf Herder. I don’t have a nose ring, although I have thought about it on occasion but then I just think…ow. Anyway, I remember someone once told me that “Punk Rock Girl" by The Dead Milkmen reminded them of me and while I am flattered and I do like iced tea and I used to wish I could afford to shop at Zipperhead (which, sadly, no longer exists) and there was a time where I did eat at the Philly Pizza Company (look, if you just look at the lyrics, you will understand why I say all this), I have never jumped on a table in any restaurant and I don’t much are for Mojo Nixon nor have I even stolen a car. So I never really knew how to take it. Is it nice to remind someone of a song? And what happens if YOU don’t like that song? A guy once told me that I made him think of the song “She Comes in Colors”…what exactly does that mean? And how would he know anyway? What is the appropriate response to such a comment (“Don’t come near me! I have a gun!”).

I always think that I want someone to say that a really cool song reminds them of me. A song like…well, I don’t know. I guess “You Shook Me All Night Long” might be nice but hardly appropriate. Or how about “Lips Like Sugar”? OK at the very least I will take “Toxic” (c’mon, I’m pretty toxic). But no, I get the ones that I can’t puzzle out. Or the ones that just don’t fit. Or the ones that I wish would fit but don’t. Sigh. Although I suppose I should just be happy that it wasn’t something like “Queen Bitch” or “Rock Me Amadeaus.”

ADDENDUM: And what about the really inappropriate use of songs in ads? Last year JC Penney used “99 Red Balloons”(the English version of Nena’s “99 Luft Balloons”) which we all know is about nuclear war, in a VALENTINE’S DAY ad. Now I have had some bad Valentines but really! My friend was so outraged that she wrote a letter to Penney’s. You will notice they did not run that ad campaign this year. And, as my husband likes to point out, the really terrible use of any song by Applebee’s. “Imagine steak and shrimp and shrimp and steak” to the tune of “Happy Together”? You couldn’t do better than that Applebee’s?


justJENN said...

I was told that too, maybe cause I 'dress like Minnie Pearl...' nevermind.

Ren, you're so CRUMBelievable.

Jodi said...

Well, as you know "Karen By Night" by Jill Sobule always makes me think of you...she works in a shoe store, reads, has a cat...don't know about the motorcycle-riding, leather-wearing alter ego though!

P.S. Have you heard Nickel Creek's rendition of "Toxic?" It's awesome!

Brenda Griffith said...

Actually I think the comment should be "You couldn't do better than Applebee's?" For me the annoying one is the Barenaked Ladies One Week and some car manufacturer. What does that song have to do with cars? We are the Champions, sure. But One Week? C'mon.

Jodi said...

I hear ya, Brenda! That one really drives me crazy!