Monday, September 12, 2005

Literature and Cute Boys

Now, I don’t much care for Joseph Conrad but I am totally downloading The Secret Agent from Librivox because I think it’s a very cool endeavor.

And I actually found it here, a handy little site that provided me with the joy that is the pocketmod as well.

Back to Conrad…we had it out in college. I found Heart of Darkness to be tedious even though I actually find two of the film adaptations to be damn fine movies. Of course Apocalypse Now (which I haven’t seen in a looooong time) is the well known one but there was also a version that is true to the book (even though I don’t much care for the book) that was very well made. And it has Tim Roth, who I really like and is the only actor that I could have also accepted as Snape (I think he was actually the original choice).

Ok, that was a convoluted turn but wait, it gets worse…Tim Roth actually reminds me of Bruce Parry who is my new hero. This guy totally blows my mind. He just hangs with a tribe for a month. Lives as one of them as much as he can FOR A MONTH. I don’t want to be away from a modern bathroom for more than a night. Who are you kidding? Look, I COULD do it. I could go out in the world, meet exciting new people, eat grubs, climb trees and perform ritual sacrifices…but I don’t. And I don’t because…I like to use the toilet in privacy whenever I want. Actually, that was not the real purpose of this at all. I really just wanted to point out that I admire this man’s adaptability. He takes everything that comes at him with grace and humor. He is terribly adventurous but at the same time, he seems to sometimes…well, he doesn’t always want to eat the grub but in the end he always does.

“Going Tribal” has become one of my new favorite shows. I suspect that it would be even if he were just going from small town to small town in the US. And he’s cute too.

Wow…I started talking about literature and descended into cute boy territory…yeah, not at all my intention. Oops.


Jodi said...

I haven't heard of that show. Sounds interesting and hey, nothing wrong with cute boys. I, for one, don't think less of you.

shwee said...

I hate Joseph Conrad. HATE HIM! Three words: The Secret Sharer. What. The. Hell.