Monday, October 09, 2006


I was reading April Winchell’s blog and if you don’t read it, it’s worth a look. She’s very funny and she has a great and disturbing mp3 collection. She was recently interviewed for a Japanese women’s magazine. They told her that they always ask 5 questions and…well, you can read it all at her place. But I was intrigued by the questions. I have an ongoing interview with myself in my mind, just so I won’t get caught off guard when the time comes so I decided to go ahead and answer these, just to keep in top form for any future interviews…

  1. Do you have any good luck charm? Do you practice any ritual to make your work successful?
  2. I always want to believe that I have a good luck charm and over the years I have carried many different things in my pockets for good luck; a jade fish, a St. Christopher card, various pebbles and shells, you name it. But in the end, I really don’t believe in luck, I just believe that I should have a good luck charm. At the moment, I have none. I do, however have a 128MB jump drive in my pocket, so today, that is my good luck charm. So far, it’s not working. And I don’t practice any ritual to make my work successful, but I probably should just practice, that would make me better at it.

  3. Three things you always carry in your purse?
  4. THREE? Are you serious? Only three? Well, there are tons of things I THINK I need in there, but I do always have eyedrops, lip balm and at least three pens in there. Oh and come to think of it, I have a key card from a vacation at Disney World in my wallet. It’s five years old but I guess I do keep it as kind of a good luck charm. But really it’s just a “good day” reminder.

  5. Where do you go for relaxing?
  6. Now, if I had the money and the vacation time, this question would have a very different answer, but as it stands right now, I go to the bathroom for relaxing. And that’s not just for the obvious reason, but because I know I can be alone in the bathroom. People don’t like to bother you there. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time hiding in the bathroom.

  7. One book you will bring with you for your travel.
  8. Again I say ONE? JUST ONE? I always travel with far too many books. Today, I have…3 books and two magazines with me. One book is The Moor by Laurie King, the other two are guides on hand made books, one magazine is High Fructose, because there is an article about Mark Ryden in there that I have been trying to read but I keep getting distracted by the crappy editing. The other magazine is a music magazine called Magnet. I haven’t really read any of it yet.

  9. What kind of compliment do you like to hear most about yourself?
  10. I like when people tell me I smell good. You could tell me I looked nice, I wouldn’t believe you. You could tell me that I am funny, I would strongly doubt that. You could tell me you like my hair, my eyes, my whatever…not interested. But if you tell me I smell good, I am flattered. Because I think I do. But you have to be really close to smell me and I’ll probably punch you before you discover that the combination of coconut body butter and honey shampoo is really nice.

    I think scent is one of the least regarded senses, until something smells really bad, that is. I assure you, most of the time, I smell pretty good or not much at all. Most of the time.

Right now: I am listening to this dude. I downloaded his stuff for free (it’s there for a limited time so snap it up if you are interested). It’s intriguing. I keep thinking “Hey, I really like this dude” and then all of the sudden he does something that I really don’t like. So at least he is keeping me on my toes. See, kind of like rehearsing for that one big interview. There it is all tied up in a neat little package for you. There you go.

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