Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Random Ten and a kid with antlers.

For a while, I was trying to give the SnarkyDork ten questions every Monday. They were fairly random and for no reason other than because I could. I got out of the habit…well, actually, I ran out of questions. But this week they are back and more random than usual. But, as I normally do, I answered the questions that I posed to her because that’s just fair, and because what the heck else do I have to do?

Ten fairly random questions that you (I) may expand (expanded) on as you (I) see (saw) fit…

  1. What is the last song you listened to?
    Last song was “Disco 2000” by Pulp. Current song is “Pencil Skirt” by Pulp.

  2. What makes you swoon?
    Winking. I like being winked at.

  3. What is your favorite cupcake? (heh, trick question! ALL CUPCAKES!! No seriously, because the next question is…
    Chocolate with vanilla frosting.

  4. What’s your favorite sweet?
    You know, it used to be chocolate pudding but now it makes me sick. I’m gonna stick with cupcakes for now. And Jodi, it’s ok if you don’t CARE about cupcakes because I know you LIKE them once in a while. And that’s all that really matters.
  5. What kind of writing instrument do you prefer to use?
    My favorite current pen is a Uniball Signo. I like to sketch with it. Since my sketching skills are…well…sketchy, I don’t like a pen that provides a smooth line, I like all the little skips that a ball point provides. And I have this great ball point pen that was tucked in a package from Taggd Apparel. I don’t know why it writes so smoothly, it’s just a cheap ballpoint, but it really feels good, nice and smooth. My mom does always say that the pens from hotels are the best, so maybe the freebies from catalog orders are good too!
  6. What fascinates you, yet would surprise us that you are fascinated…by…it. That’s a really poorly formed sentence but I think you know what I mean.
    Um…science in general. Forensics in particular. But not to see, just to read about. I would be a theoretical forensic pathologist, one who just figures out how it happens without having to deal with decay and stuff. And also, in that vein (heh), the commerce of death fascinates me.

  7. What did you NOT do in high school that you wish now you had?
    Since I hated marching band so much, I kind of wish I had been a cheerleader. But our cheerleaders were not the fluffy blonde type. Oh not. They were big…and scary.

  8. What kind of candy will you give out on Halloween?
    NONE! No kids come to our apartment. But that said, every year I buy a bag of something that I like, just in case we do get some kinds and then if we don’t, I put it in a candy bowl on the coffee table and somehow, everyone else eats it and I never get any!

  9. What gadget would you love to have but wouldn’t spend the money on?
    Ooh, I don’t know. I would like one of those laser level thingies so I can hang pictures straight. And I’ve been wanting a cordless drill for years and never buy one. And I wouldn’t mind a video iPod. Or another computer. Or a really, really small computer. Or something like a Blackberry, or a new fancy phone or maybe a big food processor, mine is kind of small, or a new stand mixer, mine is from the 1940’s….I could go on…

  10. Do you like horror movies?
    You know, it’s funny, I used to really like them but now I am afraid of them. I worry about having nightmares from something gory. But that said, two of my favorite movies of the last few years have been “horror-esque”, Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later, so maybe I like being scared more than I think. It’s just stuff like Cabin Fever and anything with rotting zombies that gets me. I know, I know, Shaun of the Dead has zombies, but not the gruesome kind. And no way will I watch anything like House of Wax I remember watching the old one with Vincent Price when I was a kid and it still gives me nightmares.

And speaking of nightmares, I almost forgot my mom’s birthday…but I remembered just in time to send her some cards. Here is the art from one of them. I never actually had an antler costume, but I think I would have liked one.


Jodi said...

Slightly? Just kidding! No offense on the cupcake thing...I just don't eat or think about them that much...I'd much rather just eat a big 'ole bag of tortilla chips! Or popcorn mixed with M&M's or a Peppermint Patty.

(Can you tell I have the end-of-the-day munchies?)

justJENN said...

Oh lord, do I HATE ballpoint pens. HATE THEM.

I adore being winked at though. *wink*

dave said...

oh shit - i forgot mom's birthday!

p.s. "commerce of death" sounds like a good name for a band

Jen said...

I recently saw House of Wax. Not by choice, really, but b/c it was on when I got home from work and Roth was watching it, and he insisted it would be fine. Even though it falls in that stupid teenage campy horror genre, it really creeped me out. So much so that I would start thinking about these grotesque scenes during the day and then would have to make myself think about something else, b/c it was so disturbing. Like, someone guilded in wax while still alive and then someone trying to pry the wax off once they realized the person was not dead and then skin and flesh coming off of bone. OMG, I am getting chills just thinking about it. Not good. La la la la la, thinking about rainbows.

Nanette said...

That card is cute! And that's very nice of you to give Jodi questions so regularly. :)