Friday, October 13, 2006

Searching for answers. Finding nothing.

Lately it seems popular to post what people are searching for when they wind up at your blog. I always find this fascinating. Mostly people who just Google and up here are searching for The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” album, info on Ciaran Hinds, Bruce Parry or a 1976 Cutlass Oldsmobile. I even cut some of my links to that stuff in order to not mislead traffic. Today, however, I went to Google to search for something and I noticed all the searches I have done since I last emptied my cache. So, instead of presenting you with the odd searches that got people here…here are the odd searches that got me somewhere. I am amazed by the number of comic book references, although I suppose I shouldn’t be. I also tend to use Google Images a lot for picture reference, so I left out the less interesting searches like “mermaid” and “crown”. The really odd thing is that I can remember what almost every single one of these searches was for (go ahead, ask me why I wanted to know about “cram cream”, it’s not as dirty as it sounds), I mean, why I wanted the information, obviously I can tell what I searched for…duh. I haven’t linked anything because, well, aside from the fact that I am far too lazy, I suggest that if you really can’t figure out why a person would search for…let’s say…“cockney rhyming slang+Britney”, that you Google it for yourself and see what comes up! It could be an entertaining waste of two seconds.

Hunh, now I am going to get weird random hits on things that I have gotten weird random hits on…weird.

And please don’t ask why I was searching for “sweet dreams romances”…I just was, OK?

ali g
all this is mine
american library association
anderson website had wedding date wrong
archie comics
arthur rimbaud
big boss comics
bird in a skirt
black bush whiskey
boom! studios
bree walker
buddha machine
buffalo tofu
clementon park
cockney rhyming slang+britney
convert c to f
cram cream
dream dictionary
dudley moore+dance sequence
eddie izzard+lowlife
elizabethan hats
eric powell
esa pekka salonen
eu de cologne
fake girl scout badges
fan museum+london
fat tony diamico
flip flops
folding cane
for better or for worse+blinking
general public
gentleman zombie
giant fortune cookie
good goth
headache map
headbandshealth by chocolate
henry: portrait of a serial killer
honey ice cream
how do i store fresh tofu?
how do you feel today?
hyde park+chair rental
is tmj hereditary?
is yawning and involuntary reflex?
is yawning contagious?
jeff levine+comics
jeremy lambros
jin vase
johnny speedpants
justjenn designs
kristen bell
l u v+ new york dolls
last kiss comics
lemon cake
lionel richie
lismore single malt
locks of love
mc steamy
me and ro
milville, nj
mr. toast
my precious
nutritional content calculator
nick fury
nicolae ceaucescu
oni comics
one inch buttons
paddington station
piggy bank
queen of england
radiation treatment for cancer
raina tegelmeyer
reverse phone directory
richard iii+ring
richie rich
rick geary
road closings october 3 los angles
roman dirge
run lola run
sad robots need love too
shiba inu
silent devil comics
silver bullet comics
slave leia
smart monkey raw food
songs on “house”
soy yoghurt
sugarfree peach pie
sweet dreams romances

Damn, this is along list AND it's edited AND it only goes to "s". Well, maybe someday I will do the rest of the alphabet. Heck, it amuses me!


Scaramouche Jones said...

I'm always curious to know what smart monkeys eat...

Ah, Black Bush Whiskey :)

ren said...

apparently, they eat really good raw food bars. try them! and they drink ABLERLOUR whisky. try that too. it's awesome.