Monday, October 02, 2006

Wow, not a lot has been going on lately. Well, I did get to meet Mr. Palmer for dinner last week…he says it was not awkward, I am shocked. I don’t know how to be anything other than awkward. Actually, I had a really nice time hanging out with him and hope he comes back with the family. And my family too, for that matter. But there is your example of yet another blogger meeting that doesn’t end in tragedy.

Ah, what else? What else? Well, I did go grocery shopping yesterday, which is hardly news but I was totally fascinated by the other people in the store. See, I am a pretty organized grocery shopper. I make lists, I arrange the lists by aisle. I know what brands I want and all but if I send James to the store, I make sure I give him an incredibly detailed list with weights, colors of the packages, brand names, if the generic is ok, stuff like that. (Apparently, sometimes I go overboard. Once I sent him to the store for confectioner’s sugar. I am pretty sure I gave him the bag weight, and probably wrote “10x confectioner’s sugar” on the list. He called to tell me that the store didn’t have any confectioner’s sugar and could I possibly use powered sugar instead. Sigh.) So there was this guy in the store shopping by himself, but every time I passed him he happened to be one the phone with whomever he was shopping for. I ran across him and evesdropped during the “brown sugar” discussion:

“Well, they have light brown and golden brown. Oh wait here is the dark brown. But you want light brown? Is that the same as golden brown? Do you want it in a box or a bag? Well, they have a bag but it’s not re-sealable. Well, they have the dark brown in a re-sealable bag. Is golden brown the same?”

I grabbed what I needed and carried on. I must have passed him at least four times and every time he was on the phone. I don’t know what to make of that. I think it’s nice that he’s concerned enough to get EXACTLY what the person on the other end of the line wants, but man, what a tedious conversation if you are that other person!

Then, while in the soup aisle, I passed a couple shopping together. I woudn’t have noticed them except the man SHOUTED everything he said to the woman. I guess she could have been hearing impaired but I got the impression that he was just loud. She was scurrying ahead of him, shivering and muttering to herself. At first I thought she was afraid of him but then I realized that I shiver in the grocery store (it’s cold in there!) and I surely mutter to myself if I take a loud male with me…not that the male I take is loud…heh.

So he was running down the aisle after her yelling, “Hey I’m going to get this soup meal. Right? Because you said the food won’t be ready for a while? So this way I won’t get hungry, right? See? THIS SOUP MEAL.”

That’s all. Just observing. I like to shop alone but I take James with me a lot of times so he can pick out what he wants. It’s not quite that bad with him. Not quite.


Anonymous said...

Do most blogger meetings end in tragedy? Oh. Well I guess I won't look you guys up if we swing thru SoCal next year...

Brenda Griffith said...

Yes! Organizing the shopping list by aisle! I got this from my mother and every time we move I pout for the first month until I have the layout of teh new grocery store down. I think it drives Dave nuts but he doesn't say anything.