Monday, November 06, 2006

Ring a ding ding.

When I agreed to do the whole comic-con thing, it was a big deal to me. Not because I would have to talk to people, because, despite my lack of conversational skills, I can SELL things. I sold shoes and adult pleasure toys, for heaven’s sake, I can sell! It was also not because, as someone suggested, I was selling off a part of myself by selling my “art”. HA! Please! I draw silly little pictures, I think I can afford to sell off those parts of myself…and a lot of other parts for that matter. It was really more an issue of my stuff being on display for people to comment on. I don’t mind if you insult my skills, I just don’t really need anyone insulting them to my face. It’s fine if you don’t like what I make, but I don’t want to have to hear about it. Who does? I have plenty of self-confidence but not enough to handle that. And so I was scared that I would be openly mocked. Which I was not. In fact, people were incredibly kind and supportive to me. Which was great. But, like I said, it was all quite a big deal to me. So I made a bargain with myself. I told myself that if I sold some stuff at comic-con, I could buy myself a piece of jewelry that I have had my eye on for quite some time. It arrived today and I am enchanted

If I were the more philosophical and romantic sort, I would say that it serves as a reminder for me to “just bee” and not worry about what anyone else thinks. But I am not and it’s really just a pretty ring with a lovely bee on it.

I found it here. It’s beautifully made, heavy but with delicate cutwork. And you can choose the color of the glass behind the image. Each piece is made to order so it takes a while but it’s well worth the wait.

And clearly my hands need some moisturizing, but don't mock me for that either. It's really dry here!

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Brenda Griffith said...

Aw go ahead and just BEE. And given your favorite (almost) holiday, I would say you ARE romantic enough.