Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's going ahn? (that's a song title there...did you know that?)

What I’m reading: Well, I still have Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell on my coffee table but I haven’t been reading it, I don’t know why as when I do read it, I really enjoy it, but it’s a big book and I am not inclined to carry it around with me, so it just sits.

Also, I just started reading Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh. I read The Loved One last year because I have an odd obsession with funereal trappings and I rather enjoyed it. Then I saw a movie called Bright Young Things (David Tennant is in that one) and I thought I would like to read Vile Bodies, on which the movie is based. My dad noticed the book sitting on the table and commented on how much he disliked the author. I don’t know how I feel about it yet but it’s a pretty short book, so I think I will finish it and reserve judgment until then.

Today I received a box of books that are intended to be Christmas gifts, but I couldn’t resist buying something for myself and I had been awaiting the publication of The Omnivore’s Dilemma in paperback, so here it is. I read the first chapter while eating lunch and although I suspect that this is not the kind of book one should read while eating, it hasn’t hit that point yet and I liked what I read. Michael Pollan appears to be a very thoughtful writer and I find the subject of food interesting so I have high hopes for this one.

Next: Hmmm…well I just don’t know. I have some mystery novels by the man who wrote the Paddington Bear books, but I also have several borrowed books I need to get to, one loaned to me by my brother almost two years ago (Requiem by Graham Joyce) but for ten years now I have been intending to read a biography of Charles Darwin. I like Darwin and I am terribly interested in his life, but it’s another one of those big books. Same with the biography of the Mitford sisters that I have. And I took a break from Ulysses but I think I’d like to get back to it…decisions, decisions.

What I am watching: With no new Doctor Who’s until Christmas, I have been longing for a little British sci-fi action. I may have gotten my dirty little mitts on some episodes of Torchwood but I have been instructed to not watch them until certain friends are free to watch them with me…sigh. And with the advent of our new DVR, I have a backlog of Battlestar to watch, but I have noted my reticence to watch that show lately. So for the fun viewing, I have pretty much been watching House. Also on the recorded list are Vincent and Criminal Minds, which I cannot defend as a GOOD show but I like it anyway.

Next: My viewing habits have become decidedly anglophilian and I am eagerly awaiting new seasons of Doctor Who, Life on Mars, Hustle and Waking the Dead. At least I hope they all have new seasons coming out…I know the doctor and LOM will be back…I guess I’d better check on the rest before I get too excited.

What I’ve been cooking: Well, despite the gifting of the lovely Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World book, I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, which makes me kind of sad. In fact, the last two things I cooked were decidedly unvegan, but tasty if you can justify eating it. I made excellent (if I do say so myself) carnitas the other night. They were perfectly spicy and lovely and I really shouldn’t eat pork but I do anyway. And there were homemade tortillas to go with the carnitas. And then last night there was chicken and dumplings. I do like the dumplings…someday I will try them in a vegetable broth and see how it goes.

Next: I’d really like to get to some of those cupcake recipes particularly the toasted coconut with coffee “buttercream” frosting. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

What I’ve been making: Well, the SnarkyDork’s birthday was like a month ago and I still haven’t finished her birthday present, I really need to get that done. Then it’s Christmas candy. Every year for the past…well, I don’t know how long, maybe 5 or 6 years, I have made candy for my friends and family. I make Guinness truffles and bourbon balls and some times caramel fleur de sal truffles. This year I am thinking about adding some coffee lollipops to the mix, but we’ll see how ambitious I am when it gets a little closer.

What I should be making: I’d love to someday make ALL of my Christmas gifts. And someday I will, but not this time.

“Movies?,” you ask: Ah there are a few I would love to see! I am a diehard fan of Aardman animation so I am intrigued by Flushed Away. I am trying to not have high hopes for it as it is not actually a Nick Park film, but I intend to show my love. There is also Casino Royale. I grew up watching James Bond films with my dad and although I know it’s so uncool, I confess that my favorite Bond is Roger Moore. I know his films were silly and camp, but I have fond memories of them and, quite frankly, I just don’t love Sean Connery. But, I think the character of Bond is kind of a cold, hard creep, so I am curious to see how Daniel Craig does it. Personally, his face is not attractive to me but um…well, he can take his shirt off anytime he likes. Also, I saw him in Layer Cake and thought he was excellent, so…yeah, I am hoping to like that movies. Finally, I want to see A Good Year. Look, it’s Russell Crowe and wine and Albert Finney, what more do you want? Oh, I also would like to see Marie Antoinette. The costumes alone would make it worth it.

What movies I have sitting, waiting for me to watch at home: V for Vendetta. I should really watch that.

Who I am crushing on: It’s none of your business! You don’t know him anyway!


Jodi said...

I'll totally see Flushed Away with you if you need a "movie date." It has hamsters! And a few friends worked on it.

dave said...

no hurry on 'requiem', sis. for one thing - i totally forgot that you had it. i know how it is to want to read a book but just not be in the right mood for it.