Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ten other things.

In contrast to the “ten things that have annoyed me in the last 24 hours…no, wait…ELEVEN” here are nice things that have happened to me too. See, it’s not always raining here!

  1. My two younger nephews sent me a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers.
  2. While speaking to said nephews on phone I got to discuss lollipops with the youngest and “Fart-o-meter” costumes with the elder. Don’t ask. I don’t know. But it was still entertaining.
  3. I was gifted with a cookbook that I very much wanted while being treated to a posh dinner by friends. How nice is that?
  4. That cookbook has very many lovely pictures of vegan cupcakes. That can’t be bad.
  5. I received an adorable photo of Josh’s adorable daughter in the mail. I like adorable.
  6. My parents are coming to visit for my birthday. I like my parents.
  7. There is a very good possibility that my “art” (and I do use that term loosely) will grace the library card of the town in which I spent my formative years. I find this quite exciting.
  8. Jodi said that I was “far more Strawberry Shortcake than goth”. OK, maybe that wasn’t meant to be nice and I would say that I am far more “My Pretty Pony” than “Strawberry Shortcake” but it still made me laugh.
  9. The winter comforter on the bed makes sleeping even better. Now I really want to take a nap.
  10. Cooler weather has convinced the cat that she is now a lap cat. Awwww.

Hey, don’t get used to this…I can’t be cheerful all the time, it’s far too taxing.


Jodi said...

I didn't mean it to be mean and I can't take credit. I believe the one you refer to as Schwee or something said that this summer. I stole it!

Anonymous said...

Happy early/belated (?) Birthday! May you enjoy many more vegan cupcakes in the coming years.
I love your "art" and hope to someday see if you can make me a logo...
Have a fabulous weekend!