Friday, March 09, 2007


  • I don’t actually LIKE whole wheat bread, I just eat it because I know it’s better for me than white bread.

  • You know that room you see in a decorating magazine, the one that makes you say “Oh, it looks so cold and clinical”? I dream of living in that room. The one with no knick-knacks to dust, no rug to vacuum, no…clutter. In reality, I live amongst the detritus of two people, one who doesn’t like to throw things away (him) and one who gets tired of cleaning (me). All I would add to that cold, clinical room is a book shelf, otherwise they are getting stacked up on the floor.

  • Even though I am from New Jersey, I don’t really like Bon Jovi.

  • I let my cat eat off my fork sometimes. After I caught her licking my toothbrush I just figured there was no point in fighting.

  • I would rather drink water than soda but water makes me have to go to the bathroom more often.

  • I think I once got out of a speeding ticket because when I went take out my registration about a hundred tampons fell out of my glove box (that’s not a euphemism).

  • I can’t always separate the art from the artist.

  • I prefer the taste of “fakon” to bacon.

  • I drink really cheap wine and really expensive whisky.

  • I love to sleep but I dread going to sleep.

  • I sometimes watch “Mama’s Family” late at night.

  • I think the term “punk” is a misnomer when used in reference to the Ramones.

  • I once purchased a Kip Winger album as penance.

  • I judge books by their covers.

  • I have considered buying those Oreo cookie crumbs that they sell to make pie crusts and just using them as breakfast cereal. I know they make an Oreo cereal but what’s the point when they actually make the cookie crumbs?


Anonymous said...

i am going to perform "jungian analysis" on this post and get back to you with a full report.


Jodi said...

I like whole wheat bread. Not big on white.

I have to look up detritus, but I think I can relate.

I love going to sleep. It's my favorite time of day or night. I love drifting off and being in a semi-conscious state, knowing I'll soon be in dreamland.

I get the "judging books by their cover" thing. I think I do that too. Or the title. Or the name of the author.

dave said...

"I love to sleep but I dread going to sleep."

its the clowns, isn' it?

The Mad Doctor said...

Tampons are my female WMD of choice. Men run away (except for Sensitive New Age Men, guys who grew up with more than 3 sisters, and men who actually have relationships.)

Okay, gay men run away from tampons, but that's good enough for me. They always make fun of the fact that I can't accessorize since I'm a lesbian. I think I'll make some Tampon earrings.

Also - awesome confession. You rule.

Jodi said...

Tampons are a good way to camoflage a camera you want to sneak in to a concert too.

Brenda Griffith said...

I think my husband (named Dave) posted on your site. One of his most worn t-shirts is "can't sleep, the clowns will eat me" written about 40 times in progressively smaller font.

I have missed reading your blog in the haze of overwork and stress. I missed you. I am glad to be back!

Joanne said...

1 - I totally judge a book by its cover. I also judge it by the blob about the book... if I can't make it through that I can't make it through the book.

2 - Back when I could eat wheat, I ate iron kids bread figuring it was fortified and that was enough for me. :)

dave said...

just want to set brenda's mind at ease that her husband isn't out posting other girl's blogs

it was dave ren's brother as opposed to dave brenda's husband posting about clowns