Friday, March 30, 2007


Jodi asks, I answer.

I too carry both a purse and a tote bag and I think I may have documented the contents of my tote before, but it is an ever changing thing and a cheap and entertaining blog post (Well, for me anyway, I love knowing what people have in their bags!).

So the bag itself is a Le Sport Sac tote, blue with butterflies, in a shape and pattern they no longer make. I am not a big fan of expensive bags and I think that Le Sport Sac are a little expensive for a fabric bag BUT they last forever. I’ve had this one for…a while, I don’t know how long. And I am sure I bought it off a sale rack somewhere and it was well worth the price. I guess, in the scheme of things though, they aren’t THAT expensive…I don’t know. Whatever. Here’s what’s inside today…

  • The Little Book of Hindu Dieties by Sanjay Patel-Jason showed me this book because he thought I would like the art and he was oh so very correct. It’s gorgeous and I am currently carrying it around as inspiration. I love this guy’s style and he draws the cutest Ganesha ever.

  • Cartoon Cool How to Draw Retro Style Characters by Christopher Hart-another inspiration-style book. I bought this a long time ago and never looked at it, once I did, I realized it wasn’t quite what I wanted, but it did nudge my brain a little in a new direction, so I guess it was worth it. I don’t generally like the How To Draw kind of books but I do think that this one gave me a little boost towards something…not sure what yet though.

  • Hellboy Animated: The Black Wedding-this is a little digest-sized comic. I love Hellboy, everyone knows that. And this new animated style is quite appealing. I haven’t read this yet but…damn, I guess this is just my bag of inspiration this week. I am planning on doing a portrait of Hellboy for another project and I wanted to kind of study him. Oh hey, I just looked inside and it turns out that the story is by a guy I like too!

  • A post card for free shipping on anything from J.C. Penney. I am buying a new buffet thingy for my dining room.

  • A post card from the vet saying my cat needs a urine test. Sigh. I know it’s necessary but I don’t know how to make my poor cat understand that. I will take her in because I have to, but it makes me feel so bad because I can’t explain to her why they need to do a “urine dipstick” on her. Well, I can explain it but I don’t think that she will understand.

  • Storm Front by Jim Butcher-I just picked this up the other day. I have kind of fallen in love with The Dresden Files on SciFi and read that true fans of the books were not in love with the tv show (no big surprise there). I wanted to see the differences for myself. I also want to know if Harry Dresden actually uses a hockey stick as a magic wand.

  • Profane Halo by Gillian Conoley-I read a Gillian Conoley poem last year during NATIONAL POETRY MONTH (it’s coming up, people, get ready!) and I really liked it. I happened to be at a bookstore for a friend’s book signing and on a whim, popped into the poetry section and there it was! I have read bits and pieces of it but I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

  • Anything But Dreams, Selected Poems by Eric Nixon-I had been hanging around Eric’s blog and kept thinking that I really should buy his book because hey, I like poetry, he writes poetry, I should support such things…and I finally did. I read the introduction last night in the car and I really like the fact that he makes notes on what was going on when he wrote a poem. Very clever that.

  • A blue file folder filled with comic-con stuff, paperwork, samples, forms and letters. I really better get on that. Oh and there’s a thank you note from my nephew in there too, with a picture. Aw, so cute!

  • A pink cram-cream organizer filled with:

    • A little otsu annual weekly planner…empty. I really should plan things more.
    • Notes on the library card design
    • Felt tipped pen
    • Mini writing board filled with index cards covered with idea notes
    • Sample art for a shirt
    • 128 mg jump drive
    • a sticker that says “support indie comics you dope” from Young American Comics
    • a photo of a friend’s daughter.

  • Two random ballpoint pens

  • A sample pack of dessert scented lotions from Lushbox

  • A small zipper bag holding an ipod mini and cables

  • A Pria Grain Essentials bar that came in the mail (chocolate almond bliss)

  • A grey and brown striped cotton jersey scarf

  • A small cosmetics bag filled with:

    • Badger Balm (chai rose)
    • Fingernail clippers
    • Banana Hair clip (white with black skulls)
    • Emergen-C Immune Defense Fizzy Tabs (Ruby Lemon Honey)
    • One Oral B Brush-up
    • Alba Botanica Sun block SPF 30
    • Tide to go pen (recently used on a coffee spill)
    • Neutrogena mineral foundation thingy
    • Artificial tears
    • Headache and Tension therapy homeopathic spray
    • One pink, sparkly hair clip
    • Two quarters and a dime

I know that seems like a lot of stuff…and I guess it is. I still always feel like I am missing something when I leave the house though. But I guess, if it’s not in my tote bag, it’s probably in my purse. And truthfully, they are both fairly small bags. But I like to be prepared. And I usually am. Well, for poetry emergencies anyway.


Jodi said...

Wow...a lot more interesting that the stuff in my bag...

Jodi said...

And wow again, you described stuff and put links. Impressive, as usual.

Brenda Griffith said...

Damn! You get as much into your bag as you do into your time before work... Do time and space warp around you? Harry Dresden doesn't use a hockey stick. Start the books from the beginning--his powers change and each one is really built upon the previous ones. I love both the books and the tv series.