Monday, March 19, 2007


So, I do a fair amount of internets shopping. I like to purchase things from indy sort of vendors and I like finding new things. I figure it’s a good idea to share some of my discoveries since you might like them to, no?

Let’s see, this goes way back but I did make a purchase some time ago from BugsandBones. I got a leather slide barrette and a ponytail holder. Both are nicely made and very funky. Unfortunately, my hair is too fine to handle the heavy leather barrette. It’s still very cool though.

I have also discovered the joy that is Lushbox. I think I actually came across their actual site earlier, but it didn’t play well with my browser, so when I found them on I was pretty pleased. I have been using their body frosting for a while now and it’s lovely and much cheaper than my usual Body Shop product, but just as effective. Their scents are very nice (I’ve been using the honey almond and the vanilla sandalwood) but I really appreciate that they have unscented products too. I tested them out first with a sampler pack and I think I am now a devoted fan. I have kind of cranky skin but have had no problems with their stuff. I tried a sampler of their mineral foundation as well and I think I will get a larger size when I next need foundation. Theirs seemed to have more coverage than many of the others but still managed not to look chalky. Oh, I also have one of their lipglosses and it’s lovely. Highly recommend this stuff.

And as long as I am on the subject of cosmetics…I’ve been buying stuff from Fyrinnnae for a while now and I really love their eye shadows. I use the darker colors as liners as well and again, my cranky, cranky skin seems to have no problems with them. I have tried their perfumes and found that they don’t really work well with my chemistry (everything smells too sweet on me). I currently use their mineral foundation and like it, I was not as pleased with their finishing powder, however, it didn’t really blend well into my skin. Their moisturizers were just not moisturizing enough for me but if you aren’t as dry as a bone and you don’t live in a desert, go for it. The greatest part about Fyrinnae is their samples. You can purchase a sample size of almost any product for a very reasonable price. They are a very generous size for a sample and if you like messing about with colors, you’ll find it more than enough to keep you entertained. Their service can be a little slow as far as shipping but they do generally have a warning on their homepage about their current projected turn around times. Oh, and if you think the colors look a little…garish, some are pretty amazingly punk rock but the obviously more neutral tones, they are just lovely. Perfect for wallflowers and rockers alike.

Let’s see…what else? Well, I love cupcakes so I HAD to have a cupcake painting from Team Chixon. Full disclosure? I kind of know these guys but damn, how cute are those cupcakes? And how cute is it that it’s the boy half of Team Chixon that paints them? Pretty darn cute. Right now I am thinking that Morrissey painting is pretty sweet too…I just don’t like Morrissey all that much. Oh, ok, it’s not that I DON’T like him, it’s just that I still think he sounds like Kermit the Frog. But that’s beside the point. The kids at Chixon are lovely and kind and they make cute pins and cupcakes and they have a dog a like and his name is Baxter and they are very nice the end.

Oh and I did buy a print from the The Black Apple as well. Emily has a uniquely cute and disturbing stlye that just sings to me. I bought the X Girl Print because I liked her eyes, I like X and I too must not think bad thoughts (oh, but I have only good thoughts about John Doe). The Black Apple does amazing business on etsy and understandably so. Emily blogs about her process and progress and is pretty darn quick on the turnaround. You have to get there pretty early to get an original but her prints are very nicely done if you miss out.

OK, there was one more print…from Nut and Bee. I actually was purchasing my husband’s Valentines card here (I got him the unicorn vomiting rainbows) and decided I had to have a little print too. They are excellent quality and there is such an amazing selection to choose from! And hey, even thought they are coming all the way from New Zealand, they get here pretty fast. I actually bought “Hot Tea Tortoise” but I think I am going back for “Deep Sea Cupcake” and possibly “Lemur of Science.” C’mon. How often do you get to say “lemur of science”? It’s just good.

One last link for you. I think I actually bought my necklace from Junque Revival well before Christmas but I kept forgetting to link to the site. I have a “Look Closely” necklace and I really, really like it. I originally bought it thinking “Oh, maybe I will give this to my mother…” and then decided that I would have to keep it for myself. She makes really unusual jewelry and it’s delicate without being eensy or precious.

So there you go, my recent…and I guess not so recent, shopping links. I don’t really intend to make this a shopping blog or anything, but I figure that when I find someone who does a nice job, makes a good product and pays attention to his or her customers, I should share the love.


Jodi said...

When do you have time for all this shopping? Shouldn't you be cleaning?

California Girl said...

Great sites! Thanks for posting :)