Friday, May 04, 2007


Well, I went to see Spider-Man 3 this morning. One of the occasional perks of my job is getting to see “comic-book” movies. It’s nice. Except in this particular case, I can’t really recommend the movie. Hey, YOU might like it, me, not so much. It wasn’t really offensive but it was really long. And just kind of there. So…yeah. And I can’t even say much for the previews. Shrek 3, Across the Universe, Balls of Fury, that animated thing about the surfing pengiuin…nothing that really interested me. I guess there is a reason I don’t go to the movies all that much.

I am looking forward to the weekend though. I have a bunch of pictures to work on and I really need to make my mother’s day and dad’s birthday presents. I am thinking lemon bars (but more like lemon brownies than those lemon bars that are gooey, since they have to be shipped) for her and brownies for him. Does that sound good? It just seems that food is the best present now because it doesn’t take up much space, it’s consumable, they can share it and lemon bars and brownies are not really something they would make for themselves. I don’t know. I guess I would like a box of brownies. I can do without the lemon bars though.

I think I may also try a new vegan cupcake. I was thinking about the “Crimson Velveteen” which is, of course, a take on Red Velvet cake…which I don’t really like. I never got why anyone would want to put a whole bottle of red dye in anything…but hey, this only takes two tablespoons…or is it teaspoons? I can’t remember. Either way, I guess it will be an interesting experiment.

Speaking of cupcakes…Cupcake Show is getting married this weekend to her poet boy, I don’t actually KNOW either of them but they seem like really nice people so I sent them a card and some cds. I hope they have a wonderful day.

Here is the playlist from the “mellow” cd. What do you think?

God Only Knows-Petra Haden
I Melt With You-Nouvelle Vague
All of me-Django Reinhardt
I'm In Love With A Girl-The Best Of Big Star
Wild Horses-The Rolling Stones
I Want You-Holly Cole
All I Want is You-Sugarplum Fairies
Some Kind Of Wonderful-Joss Stone
Can I Hold You-Colin James Hay
She’s The One-Robbie Williams
It's Always You-Chet Baker
The Way You Look Tonight-Bryan Ferry
All The Right Reasons-The Jayhawks
Never Tear Us Apart-INXS
Lips Like Sugar-Echo and the Bunnymen
Just Like Heaven (Acoustic)-The Cure
My Baby Just Cares For Me-Nina Simone
Let My Love Open The Door-Pete Townshend
The Strangest Girl-Looper
Into Your Life -Nick Heyward
Hold Me Now -Thompson Twins
Such Great Heights-Iron And Wine

And here is a little cupcake art too…



Felicia said...

It must be the week of the cupcake! I am going to see Spiderman 3 on Sunday. I hope I don't have to walk I am also now inspired to make some brownies and ship them to my sister. Good idea! Thanks!

Jodi said...

What do I think? I think I don't know many of those musical artists. I'm pathetic. Oh, and isn't 'Such Great Heights' by The Postal Service? Ben Folds has been covering that song lately...mmm...makes me happy.

Well, have a great weekend...hopefully there will be a good time for you to take a baking break and we can grab coffee or tea.

Nanette said...

I'm sad to hear about Spiderman. (We'll probably still see it.)

Those baked goods sound delish!

And great mello song list. :)