Friday, April 27, 2007


Oh, if I only had something interesting to say…well, beyond my cat’s bathroom habits that is.

Well, I could tell you that there is new stuff in the store. That’s interesting. And it’s not your same ol’ kind of stuff either. Some of it is CRANKY. Some of it is…um…CAFFEINATED. Click over and see for yourself!

Hmmm…well, when at a loss for words I tend to go this route:

What I’m reading: The Virgin’s Lover by Phillipa Gregory. I’ll be honest here, I’m not one to be ashamed of what I am reading but this one made me feel…well…slightly uncomfortable. And it really shouldn’t. Well, maybe it shouldn’t. It’s just the bosom-y cover and the word “virgin” in the title that makes me twitchy. It seem too much like a tawdry romance. But it’s not…except for those parts where it is…damn. All in all it’s a fairly entertaining bit of historical romance. I might, however prefer a little less romance and a little more history. I don’t really care if Robert Dudley had it off with Queen Elizabeth but I really, really don’t care if “He had always imagined that she would be responsive but under his skilled hands she stretched like a cat, reveling in pleasure.” I really, really don’t. The rest is reasonably ok though.

I stopped reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma for no apparent reason, possibly only because it didn’t fit in my purse. Or maybe it was too heavy, as in, it weighed too much? I can’t remember. And what’s worse, I can’t remember where I put it. It will show up eventually…I hope.

Hunh, speaking of things I put down and then totally forgot, other than that girl in fifth grade who never really forgave me for that (get it? Because I insulted her and then…oh nevermind. I won’t bother.), I keep doing that with comics too. I started a Hellboy, put it down, I started another comic, which I now totally forget, put it down. Started Wormword: Gentleman Corpse, laughed out loud, declared it the best comic ever…put it down. I should really catch up on all those. And the ever growing stack of Fables and Hellblazers next to the bed. Someday…

What else, what else? Oh I picked up this magazine called Good. It’s byline kind of thing says “Good is for people who give a damn. It’s an entertaining magazine about things that matter.” It seems…ok. Good may be a little strong. I don’t know, I’ve only skimmed it so far. It’s pretty, and it’s not glossy, it’s matte, which makes it far more chic and serious but…well, I like the part about a person and his stuff. It’s like when I take a picture of what’s in my bag or on my wall, only the person they photograph clearly weeds out all the tampons and smashed granola bars and really crappy cd’s. Me, not so much. Actually, there’s no tampons in my bag today but there are TWO smashed granola bars (one Kashi and one Fiber One). I think the cds are something like Lamb and Portishead, so that’s not like when I have my Culture Club and Britney Spears cds, right?

What I’ve been listening to: Well, even though the cds in my bag appear to be Portishead and Lamb, I’ve actually been listening to the radio. We get one good station in L.A. well, good for me, that is “indie rock” and then we have one of those name stations, JACK, the kind that “plays what we want to”. I switch between the two. There are a few indie bands/songs that I just don’t like, so I flip and then the other station plays like four good songs in a row, so I don’t switch back, and then they play…I don’t know…Led Zeppelin or something and I go back to the indie station. I also am not a fan of the talking. The indie station has some excellent deejays but when they start to ramble, I am gone. But this morning, in the flurry of changing I caught Adam and the Ants, Foreigner, Twisted Sister and Cornershop. So between the two I am kept reasonably happy. (Brenda told me that I have eclectic listening habits, I think she’s probably right).

What I’m watching: Well I finally finshed watching Rome. Damn that was a good show. I am sorry to see it go but I will be happy to see the lovely actors of it unleashed on the world. I’ll pretty much watch anything that Ray Stevenson, Kevin McKidd, Polly Walker and James Purefoy make. As well as many of the less well known actors (less well known to me, anyway!). OH! and Ciàran Hinds, how could I forget him? And why the hell does James Purefoy ever wear clothes? Goodness!

Now it’s time to catch up on Heroes, The Riches and The Tudors. Is it just me or do you remember something about Catherine of Aragon having digestive troubles? Anyone?


Felicia said...

I just heard my friend talk about how good Rome was. I'm sorry I missed it now. OH, and thanks for commenting that I needed to come back and blog. I didn't realize anyone really read it. THANK YOU! Oh and I posted new head over....*kiss*

Jodi said...

Oh, how is Indie? I guess I've been boycotting them since they fired Dicky. I haven't listened in ages.