Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ah, you people forget. It’s not about having a lot of free time to draw diagrams, it’s about having been a textbook illustrator for near ten years and being able to whip out a chart, diagram or map at a moments notice!

But I am glad that most people seemed to like my prom story and the diagramming thereof. I guess I should do more charting and such. Maybe a flow chart on the intricacies of a college theater department and why I did not become an actress? Nah, that bores even me. And no, sorry MamaMin. No photos of my prom, you’ll have to settle for the written horrors of it all. I wouldn’t even know where to look for those pictures. Although I was reminded by the BFF that the girls all took pictures together so that we had alternatives to just the ones with the ill-fated dates in them. And at least one girl put smiley face stickers over her date’s head (the girl with flowers over her nipples, in fact).

And now, instead of content:

What I am reading: Now that I have finally settled down from comic-con, I am starting to read all the comics I bought or traded for. Right now, sitting next to me, “Breeding Season” by Tammy Stellanova. Tammy had the table next to ours and I have to say she was utterly charming. She is…well, I want to say she is primarily a nature illustrator but that’s not exactly true, she is primarily a very cool girl who happens to like to do classic nature illustrations but she’s got a very nice clean style and a sort of modern flair to it all. She also makes her art into lovely jewelry. I am kind of stuck on the bee myself and I will probably break down and buy it soon.

Also in the pile, the new Snakepit collection My Life in a Jugular Vein by Ben Snakepit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t know what draws me to his stuff but I can’t stop reading it. Heck, he does a strip a day, gotta admire that!

The new Tank Girl is staring at me. I am not sure how to feel about it yet and I am kind of putting off reading it. I love the original Tank Girl stuff and I love Jamie Hewlett’s art. This is Ashley Wood and I love his art too but…I don’t know. I’ll reserve judgment until I read it I guess.

There are currently half read books strewn throughout the apartment. Now that I feel like I am getting things together I intend to finish off Devil in the White City, which is just amazing. But then…Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows arrived today so… (OK, so I wrote this last week and I have since received Harry Potter and started reading it and to make this aside even more aside I will just mention that I have NEVER read a HP book immediately after release but rather when I was free. I am enjoying it but I only feel pressed to read it RIGHT NOW because people in my office have demanded that I do so. They would like to talk about it. Eh, whatever. EDIT EDIT: I have been reading it at night in little snatches and I am half way through. I’ll talk about it with you sometime next week if you want to discuss it.)

What I am listening to: This morning it was The Good---WAIT, I’ve got to do a different category here for a second as I just finished my lunch---

WHAT I AM EATING- Holy moly! I just had lunch and it was really, really good! I had the “Tuna Lunch with Mediterranean vinaigrette” from Trader Joe’s, some whole grain crackers and a few figs drizzled with honey. Maybe I was just hungry but I highly recommend this as a tasty meal!

Ok, now where was I?

What I am listening to: This morning it was The Good, The Bad and The Queen. I am having a little bit of a hard time getting this because…it’s Damon Albarn. And I like him, quite a lot in fact, but…this seems like… Damon Albarn, a lot like Blur and a lot like the Gorillaz. I think the problem I may be having is that his voice is just so distinctive that it always just seems like…Damon Damon Albarn. It’s certainly not that I am not enjoying it. It’s just a little odd. I also just recently bought an Air cd. Talkie Walkie, in fact. I have heard Air on the radio but never owned any, unless maybe I have some on a soundtrack somewhere. I look forward to listening to this all the way through (EDIT: I listened to the Air cd and I liked it well enough. It’s not good driving music though). Still on a bit of a Joe Strummer kick too, so there’s a lot of that thrown in as well. (EDIT: And Radiohead. Someone put me on a Radiohead kick and there I am. OH and Brian Setzer. Town without Pity over and over again. Sigh. Dreamy.)

(I don't know which is prettier, Brian or his guitar.)

What I am watching: Lately there has not been a ton of TV watching time, but now I have to clean up the DVR a bit so I’ve been catching up on Burn Notice which I am enjoying (puh-leeze, you could make Jeffery Donovan and Bruce Campbell clean bathrooms and I’d watch it!). I’m also a little behind on John from Cincinnati, it’s pretty impenetrable but damn if I don’t like the rhythms of a David Milch show, so I am hanging in there for the end of the season. Finally caught up on Big Love and wow…that show is making some pretty dark turns at the moment. A little concerned that they are, pardon the expression, blowing their wad on all the lies here as it all seems to be happening at once, but of course, that’s what TV is all about, telling a story that keeps one intrigued, no? Still trying to catch up on Doctor Who and Torchwood and a few other British shows that I may have kind of found online. OH! I do have that final episode of Hex to watch too! Damn, forgot about that. And it’s all about the end of the world too! (EDIT; Yeah, again, wrote this a while ago, finally finished watching Hex and…eh. One of the least satisfying ends of the world ever. BOOOOO!)

What I am eagerly awaiting: Weeds. I just love that show. No real idea why. The story telling can be a little uneven but the acting is all a blast, although Mary whatshername really needs to open her eyes all the way SOMETIME.
EDIT: Damn, I am slow in posting. I must have written this like a week or so ago. I have now watched the season premiere of Weeds and it made me laugh. Mission accomplished.

Also looking forward to watching Jekyll. I’ve got the first two episodes waiting. That James Nesbitt is a fine actor. In the past few years I have really been into “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” adaptations for no real reason. I read the original novella and watched (whisper this part) Mary Reilly and then all these different versions of the story started appearing and for no apparent reason, I watched them all. It’s an odd and fascinating story to me

Who I am crushing on: Dude, this is like the silliest thing ever. Why do I continue to expose myself like this? Well, mostly in hopes that Mike Rowe, Andrew Zimmern or Tim McInnerny will read it and decide that they love me. I am doubting that will happen but I will spread the love anyway. If you don’t already watch Dirty Jobs, please do. It’s awful and disgusting and perfect. I have had my share of dirty jobs but nothing like the jobs Mike Rowe tests out, and always with a beaming smile and some bad jokes. If there is one thing I find truly attractive in people it is this sensibility of “I may not love this but I am going to try it and see and then I am going to politely freak out”. Andrew Zimmern is also excellent at this ploy. Bizarre Foods is great fun and while he seems completely game to try anything at all, I love it best when he can’t quite choke down the stinky tofu or when there is an glimpse of honest fear in his eyes as he is presented with the cobra he is going to eat…before it has been slaughtered. Both these guys come across as so good-natured and genial in almost every situation and that makes them so terribly crushworthy in my book.

And Tim McInnerny? Well! The announcement has come down that he will be appearing in Doctor Who next season and said announcement proved overwhelming for me. I literally squealed with joy when I read it. CAPTAIN DARLING! (That may be too geeky a reference for some of you but if you know what I am talking about, and then you know why I love him).


Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are on a radiohead kick - which album/s?
and, i love captain darling! i will have to watch for him on dr. who...

Joanne said...

Big Love is starting to wane for me. I feel like it seems like there's almost too much and I almost feel like they are just too dumb for words. (Bill, Nicki, Barb, Margene et al.)