Thursday, August 09, 2007


Well, I knew it would happen. It had to happen. But I still kind of wasn’t expecting it. So when the email came, I was a little shocked. Twenty years. And in some ways it doesn’t feel like twenty years at all and in other ways it feels like a thousand. But in 1987, I couldn’t imagine what my twenty year class reunion would be like and now, in 2007, I still can’t imagine it.

The fact of the matter is I have absolutely no interest in going. None. Ok, I do have some slight interest in sitting in the bar across the road from the hall in which the reunion will be taking place and watching people. I have a little interest in finding two people that I haven’t seen in years. But that’s pretty much it. And I strongly suspect that at least one of those two people has as little interest in being at the reunion as I do and thus, going to see her would be a waste since she’d probably not go either.

I didn’t have a particularly bad high school experience. There was no pig’s blood at my prom. There was no name-calling and no mean girls…unless…wait, was I the mean girl? No, no, I was the “flying under the radar” girl. Because, frankly, I didn’t really care. High school was not the highlight of my life but it wasn’t the worst time of my life either. It was just …there. I don’t look upon it fondly but I also have no desire to burn down the school. Although…I gotta say, there is some sort of temptation to walk in to the cheezy catering hall, walk up to a random member of the class of ’87, cold cock them and say “You know why” and walk out. But really, who doesn’t have that fantasy?

EDIT: Ha! Now I have read no less than three different things referencing high school reunions. I can only assume that this is the time of the year when the invitations go out and people begin scurrying around, trying to lose weight, get a new “cool” job and find a husband who is ten years younger and HAWT!


Jen said...

Dude, I just posted about my 10-year reunion! Must be THAT time of year, you're right! But is yours on your FREAKING birthday?

Chris said...

It could be worse since I just went to my wife's reunion. It was the same high school that I went to but she is two years older than I am, so this was the class full of people who spent most of their time picking on people in our class. Our school was small, so well knew each other (more or less) and, the way things work, I knew who almost all of them were ("Hey! You're that jerk who tried to beat me up when I was a freshman!") but few of them knew me.

Jodi said...

I doubt I'll go to mine next year either. I only went to the school for 2 years and I doubt the person I'm really curious to see (my gay boyfriend) will even be there.

Anonymous said...

my 20-year is this year too, you are a step up from me - i don't even get the invitations.