Thursday, August 30, 2007


I am clearly the surliest person alive. I went to a “rock” concert the other night (ok, well,it was Crowded House so do you call that rock? Because they did, indeed rock but I feel like rock is kind of more like…you know, ROCK! Like Warrant or something…no, I am totally kidding…or am i?) annnnnyway, Crowded House, at the Greek, live. Lovely. They sounded wonderful, I liked Pete Yorn, who was one of the openers, I didn’t hear Liam Finn, who was the other opener, except for a moment and that sounded a little trippy for me but…I am wandering here…surly, right.

So, I am sitting in my seat, quietly appreciating the music. See, I paid money to hear Crowded House, not the sort of freaky dude in front of me carrying on a conversation with Crowded House, because he totally was. Every time Neil Finn would say something this dude had and answer. And his girlfriend, man she could clap loud…but not on beat. And that other girl, the one to the left who kind of danced like she was having a spasm, totally needed to stop. And that OTHER guy, the one who was gonna take out someone’s eye with his flailing arms…yeesh.

All that would make you think I didn’t enjoy the show. But I did. A lot. But all those people need to stop talking and dancing and chatting on their cell phones and PAY ATTENTION! And get the hell off my lawn. And stop making that damn racket! And…man I am surly.


Miss Sassy said...

Ugh - I hate it when I am at a high energy concert and people stay in their seats. C'mon, get up and dance!

Anonymous said...

i think what you were talking about is why i don't really go to shows anymore. oh yeah and the fact that no one good comes to where i live very often.

Brenda Griffith said...

Yep. Ditto to acmcclendon. Last night the spouse and two frieds were going through the list of local upcoming shows they are getting tickets for--The Drive By Truckers, The Hold Steady, Jason Isobel, Bob Dylan with Elvis Costello opening. They asked me and I just said no. I had the perfect concert experience of my life this summer (the Indigo Girls on the lawn at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens) and I don't want to sully the memory with a bunch of loud, smelly, pushy jabberers!

Jodi said...

It's all part of the glorious experience of live music. Yes, annoying at times, but I can deal. I like concerts too much to not go. I have noticed that it seems the number and degree of assholes increase proportionally in relation to the size of the venue.*

*Stupid generalization that I know is not always true.