Thursday, October 04, 2007


Answers to random questions posed in the comments which I keep forgetting to answer:

Brenda: the punch is from a Bit of Fry and Laurie and you can watch it here. Also, I don’t think I noticed the PoP gallery at Disneyworld but that may have only been because I was drunk. (Oh, I’m just kidding, for heaven’s sake!)

As far as how much TV I watch, it’s not that much, I was commenting on the NEW shows for this season, you will notice that I did not mention House or Doctor Who (for once). I do watch quite a lot of TV but probably less than you think. That said, our little family is largely powered by TV, we depend on it for our incomes and because of that, we use it as an excuse to watch as much as we want.

PW (Perry White, is that you?): You didn’t ask but I am going answer, I wrote a whole post about Moonlight but then decided not to publish it because hey, someone likes it…but…I keep complaining about this show at home and James is getting tired of hearing about it…I’ll clean up the language and tell you why I got so angry soon…(seriously, Prince of Wales? PRINCESS OF WAILS? Could it be?)

Donvan’s Mama: I think I told you about the chops and how I cooked them but the greens were the mixed bag o’ greens from Trader Joe's. I didn’t let them cook long enough and I didn’t put in enough vinegar, but they were edible.

Snarky Dork: This is from a while ago but I do not know if the changes to Pirates are the same in Florida and California because I have not been to Disneyland since the update. None of the changes are major but I do think the new animatronic moves much better than the old (and that is certainly helped out by the odd movements of Johnny Depp in the film) and I am happy that a character I like (Barbossa) is in the ride. The ride itself has never been a favorite but the updates make it more fun for me.

There, that is my duty done. I should have been more prompt but I wasn’t and I never will be. I will happily answer any other questions you ask but I warn you now, I don’t know anything. But I would be happy to make up answers to any questions you do have.


Janet said...

HAHAHAHAH "I should have been more prompt but I wasn’t and I never will be." oh, that's SO me!

Anonymous said...

do you have an answer for: why are there so many stupid commercials on tv?

Brenda Griffith said...

But, but, but, TORCHWOOD! Where does TW come in?!?