Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Does your face hurt?

Because I got a face full of hot coffee this morning and mine stings a little.

Oh and…because it’s killing me…sorry, had to finish the joke.

That’s not the way you want to start the day though, caffeine is really not meant to be absorbed through the face, or the shirt…or the counter, floor or cabinets for that matter. Jeez. What a pain.

You might be getting the idea that I am a little clumsy. I’ve hit myself in the face with a car, taken a spectacular fall on a city street…but really, this is the worst thing I’ve done lately. And I blame it on the microwave.

But here’s something weird. I do have a stat counter on this blog and although I don’t look at every stat report, I do occasionally check to see if whomever that is in Hamilton, Ontario is still reading (Hi, nice to see you’re still with me, how are you?) but I am not all that big on stats. I have noticed that I get hits for the same things over and over again, Shane McGowan, Cyndi Lauper and goth bakeries. When Rome was on the air I got a lot of hits for Ciaran Hinds. Sometimes I mention someone like Hugh Laurie and I get linked in a listing on a fansite. And I get a lot of hits for that picture of the bunny and the penguin dreaming. I’d like to know why but…I don’t care all that much. Today I took the extra step of checking to see what people were searching for that got them here…apparently it was “moist boobs”. Yeah, thanks, we don’t have those around here and really, nice way to search for the two words that I most dislike. It’s like you are trying to freak me out. Gross.

Things here have been going apace. The terrarium continues to terrorize, the moon flower is out of control but the Dragon Coleus as now sprouted so I am thinking it’s going to be a battle royale. The sensitive plant has also sent up some shoots. Unfortunately it’s planted right between the moon flower and the coleus so…it’s only gonna get more sensitive.

Not much else has been going on. I wrote a long rant about a particular television show and haven’t finished it yet. Oh and A.C.? Commercials are stupid so you will remember them. Just ask anyone from the Delaware Valley “Hey, where did everybody go?” and I can almost guarantee you that they will tell you, “They’ve gone to Betson’s!” and if you mention Michael’s Furniture to anyone in Los Angeles they will tell you it’s the store with “lllllleeeeeessssssss overhead!”. The stupid, it sticks in our brains. True, it also sucks out the IQ but it stays there and we remember it. But then, every once in a while, you get a gorilla playing drums or a cowboy herding cats and that makes the lower IQ worth it.


Nanette said...

Eeek! I hope you're face is ok!

Sarah said...

That would be me in Hamilton, Ontario. Hi! I am very well, thank you.

PurrrL said...

"caffeine is really not meant to be absorbed through the face"...tell that to the geniuses behind Shower Shock! http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/accessories/5a65/
sorry about your face, though. if it makes you feel better, a friend's boyfriend was too lazy to sit up on the couch (and not letting anyone else sit down, the pig) while attempting to sip his cup of tea...and we all watched as the teabag slid and plopped right onto his eye. Needless to say, he promptly became the butt of many a 'teabagging' joke. pardon the crass.