Thursday, October 04, 2007


Things that have made me ridiculously happy today (actually, yesterday…I've been slow to post):

News of an upcoming Wallace and Gromit Movie (short). Yay! I’ve just watched Flushed Away and I actually really liked it. I went in thinking there was no way it would work and ended up thinking Hey that was cute. The story was a little abbreviated but I actually thought that the computer animation worked ok. Sure, it’s not as lovely as the stop motion clay animation but you know, it fills in the gaps. It will do.

Spin Magazine’s Slacker radio station. I’ve been listening to punk today. I feel rebellious. Or something.

Vegan Yum Yum’s jellied cranberry sauce. I like cranberry sauce, and I have made it from scratch and it is good. But secretly, what I really like is the canned stuff that comes out with a splorching noise. Out of the can, I mean. I like to carve my name in it. Now I am I going to try making it myself…and then I will carve my name in it.

A few recipes from the Veganomicon cook book. Still not a vegan but still love her cookbooks.

Words that SOUND dirty but aren’t. Duty, ball cock, and manhole…I could go on for hours, seriously. Ms. Fond of Snape started it…but it’s still cracking me up.

Things that have made me less happy today:


The soy tacos from Whole Foods. Not good.

None of my mail arriving.


Heavens to Betsy (as my mother would say) I think I have mental powers! Not two days ago I was watching Stephen Fry in a semi-illegal downloaded thingy and thinking “But goodness wouldn’t I like to read a blog written by him? He’s an interesting guy and I bet he’d be quite good at it.” (yeah, I do think like that). And today, I am alerted to the existence of this. Now, Mr. Fry, I will concentrate on you coming by with a beer and a SALMON taco for me. See you in a bit.

No, seriously, thank you, Mr. Fry. You made my day that much better. Well, you and the fact that the soy tacos are gone. They were really bad.

AND! AND! I planted a terrarium, the other night. I’ve actually had the terrarium for quite a while but seeing as it is a “Gothic Garden” and will eventually contain such things as “Black Dragon Coleus”, Aloe plant, Sensitive plant, Dragon’s Tree and Moonflower, I thought it appropriate to get it growing now in hopes that it would be in full bloom for Halloween. This morning I discovered sprouts, Moonflower sprouts. And they are growing at an alarming rate, Every time I leave my desk I worry a little that I will come back to jungle. I swear I can hear the rustle as they grow (Did you know that rhubarb grows so fast you can hear it? It apparently creaks. It also apparently likes the dark, or more specifically, candlelight. Rhubarb is creepy. And it probably should be in my Gothic Garden, listening to some Bauhaus, or at the very least, some Morrissey).

Anyway…what was I saying?


Janet said...

wow, I'm in the same post as Stephen Fry! Damn!

I used to have a sensitive plant; a boy I met in my therapy group gave it to me. I had never heard of it before and was amazed when the leaves folded. I was 13ish I think. LOVE moonflowers! What a great garden; where did you get it?

Love rhubarb too...little shop, little shop of horrors ;-)

Brenda Griffith said...

Bamboo, like corn, will grow while you watch it. Facts: Some bamboo species grow to heights of 80+ feet. The culm (shoot) comes out of the ground the diameter it will be--it doesn't "grow" wider. Some varieties are 4+" in diameter. It grows to its full height in one season (+- 3 months). Sit on your deck and watch this monster thing come out of the ground and grow a yard a day... Now there's a scary plant.