Monday, December 05, 2005


So, I was cleaning out some stuff this weekend and I came across a bunch of notes and letters from high school that somehow made it all the way across country with me. Among them was this birthday list that I can only assume is from 1986. when I turned 17:

Karen’s Birthday List
  1. nice gold chain
  2. little red corvette
  3. driver’s lisence!! (sic)
  4. leather jacket
  5. HoJo concert tickets
  6. New Adam Ant album
  7. Overbrook sweatshirt
  8. football jersey #55 (occupied)
  9. tapes
  10. clothes
  11. money
  12. Dave Brown

Um…yeah. I can tell you that I don’t think I got ANY of these things for my birthday that year except the driver’s license (and I still can’t spell license correctly without looking it up so not all that much has changed). I did see HoJo in concert (and if you are under the age of say…30 and over the age of say….45 that would be HOWARD JONES to you) but I don’t think I got the tickets as a present. I did get the new Adam Ant album but I don’t think it was a birthday present, and I suspect I got it much, much later. I’m pretty sure it was the Viva Le Rock album. I think I remember who wore the #55 jersey but I don’t want to state any names here for fear of embarrassing myself (or anyone else for that matter). I did get a1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme which is not at all a little red corvette but was an awesome car anyway. It survived a lot of urban surfing and bumping of smaller cars (specifically Jules’s bright orange Pinto) into intersections (calm down, no one ever got hurt). I also no longer want a leather jacket or a nice gold chain (give me a break, I grew up in New Jersey) but if there was a new Adam Ant album, I would still want it. I would still totally go to a HoJo concert and I probably wouldn’t complain if I got Dave Brown for my birthday even now.

I know my birthday is now past but you know...if you were looking for christmas presents or something...


jules said...

ok - several comments:

1. who is dave brown??? i am getting old & can't remember anything

2. pretty sure i do know how #55 was (did i go to prom with him???)

3. yeah, thanks for all the bumping of the pinto - but also, thanks (for real) for all the times you pushed it out of parking spaces when my transmission went & i couldn't go into reverse.

4. i'm trying to remember & i have no idea what i gave you for your birthday. any clues???

Jodi said...

Wow...that is so 1986! How fun! I didn't get to see HoJo until I was an adult, but worth the wait. I saw him most recently this past summer.

Wow, I liked athletes back in the day too. Ew. (Wow, I say "wow" a lot).