Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ME ME ME (and zines) and more ME!

I’m not very cool. I’m not really indie or emo. I want to be punk but I’m not even close and although I may have some serious goth leanings….yeah. But today I accidentally went to Microcosm Publishing and spent some money on a little street cred. OK well, I bought a bunch of zines. I encourage you to take a look, it seems like they do really have something for everyone.

Zines are actually kind of fascinating to me. They are a lot like blogs in the sense that they can be totally self-centered. Really, who wants to read about my day-to-day life? Only the people who know me and don’t get to talk to me very often I would think. And yet I find that I read a number of blogs regularly of people that I have never, and I do not ever expect to meet. And they are interesting. Zines can be the same way. I am not a vegan, nor have I ever been one but I find myself reading all kinds of zines on vegan lifestyles and vegan cooking. And that’s only the beginning of it all. There are zines about…people. Just their lives, lo-tech blogs if you will, that fasI don’t really NEED to hear about the guy who goes to work, comes home and gets stoned and then gets up the next day and does it all again (check out Snakepit if you do NEED to know about him) and yet, I do read his stuff. And I really enjoy it.

Anyway, back to me…
On Saturday I went to Dizz-knee-land (you get an extra point if you know why I call it that) and had a very nice time, even if it was so crowded that they warned us of how crowded it was before we even parked the car. Still, I kind of enjoyed it all. People were generally happy and I like to people watch so it was all good. AND IT SNOWED! Well, that’s not true. They shot soap bubbles out all over me so it kind of looked like snow. But the idea of snow without cold is very, very appealing. Especially now that I hear it’s about 9 degrees in New Jersey and I am due to arrive there on the 20th. Yikes! I have California blood now; I can’t stand those cold temperatures!

On Sunday I went to the Bazaar Bizarre with a few friends. Sadly, we were sans Jodi-odi-odi because she has the plague. I hope she’s feeling better. The Bazaar Bizarre is an annual craft fair of independent artists, crafters and designers that is great fun. I always find some interesting things and discover new artists there. And you can drink. Who doesn’t like a craft fair with alcohol? It makes everything seem that much craftier! (OK, I didn’t have any drinks, but I did think about it!).

Rounded off the evening with Greek dim-sum…well, ok, we ordered our meal from the appetizers menu at a lovely Greek restaurant that is hidden down an alley (tres Harry Potter!). Very charming with very good food.

I would call this past weekend a success!


Jodi said...

Glad you had a good weekend. I'm assuming you call it that from that song "I just shot up President George, I'm going to Dizz-Knee-land...yeah..."

I always miss the snow as it is very crowded on Thanksgiving (2nd busiest day of the year) and the parade/snow time is a good time to get on rides.

I'm so bummed about the craft fair. I am still quite ill (ssh...don't tell my co-workers I went to a concert last night). Probably going to seek medical attention today. I don't think it's plague, but maybe bird flu. I just shouldn't even joke like that now should I?

brother dave said...

hey - i'm one of those people you mentioned who know you but don't get to talk to you very often. okay, to be totally honest i'm related to you as well.

so... you got me inspired to checkout microcosm via your link and i ordered a bunch of bike zines.

oh. and i like your new page layout with one exception. the shade of pink that a previously selected link appears is the same color as the bar where the time and comments link is so the comments link appears to disappear if you've previously clicked on it.

Chris said...

I like reading other people's blogs as well (as I guess you can tell). It's weird that reading a total stranger's blog doesn't bother me at all, but I have to admit I feel weird reading blogs of people I almost know (such as yours when I started out, but I'm getting used to it now). My daughter calls me a stalker.

Flickr is a major culprit and is how I found yours. I'll see photos I like, or people will mark me as a Flickr contact, then I'll read their profile which often links to their blogs or personal websites, then I'll click on links to *their* friends (hi Jodi!). They don't call it the web for nothing...

As for zines and weird blogs, I often find myself wasting lots of time reading blogs and how-tos of esoteric information that doesn't concern me in the least. The other day, I read a site on how to dreadlock your hair. Seeing as that I don't have much (any), that was pretty useless, but interesting.

ren said...

oh brother, i KNEW you would buy some zines, i was going to get you some for christmas and now i am glad i didn't. NO CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR YOU! and yes, i know about the comments thing, i DO plan on fixing that but i haven't gotten around to it yet. it took me so long to figure out how to change anything in the first place i am kind of afraid to change more! but i will.

chris, i have read sites on dreadlocking too! and i have no idea why! but hey, sure beats working.

donovan said...

you have such a cool life now that my mommy isn't around you all the time. oh you ARE so very cool. i would look up the zines thing, but i think there is somethiing stinky in my diaper and mommy is teaching me how to pinch my nose and go "p-u" it si great fun. but not as cool as yoooouuuuuuuuu.

Jodi said...

Hi back to Chris and yes, Flickr is a great time eater!